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President of India Salary 2024: Job Profile & Description

The President of India holds the position of head of state and commander of all three forces of the Indian Republic. Serving as the symbolic head of the executive and the most important citizen of the nation, Smt. Droupadi Murmu currently holds the esteemed role of the 15th President, having taken the oath of office on 25 July 2022. As per the Union price range of 2024, the President of India salary annually is ₹7,14,02,024, equal to about ₹5,950,000 per month in 2024. This article offers complete information on the President’s salary, compensation, and perks.

Rashtrapati Bhavan, located in New Delhi, serves as the legal house of the President of India. The primary hub of Rashtrapati Bhavan boasts 340 guest rooms and spans across a floor location of 2,00,000 rectangular ft.

President of India Job Profile

The President, or de facto ‘The First Citizen of India,’ performs the main role of the head of state of India. The President is the very best commander of all the 3 Indian Armed Forces.

  • After the electoral system, Ram Nath Kovind took an oath on 25 July 2017 as the 14th President of India.
  • Members of the Lok Sabha – the lower residence of India’s bicameral Parliament, Rajya Sabha – the top house, Vidhan Sabha – the nation’s legislative assemblies and the union territories together elect the President by conducting the election technique. It is called the ‘Electoral College’.

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President of India Salary Trends in 2024

On 11 September 2008, the Indian authorities set the President’s salary to 1.5 lakh rupees, equivalent to about 3.9 lakh in 2022. Subsequently, in India’s 2018 Union Budget, this reimbursement notice increased to 5 lakh, attaining an equivalent of 5.9 lakh in 2023. The President of India serves as both the symbolic head of state and the commander-in-leader of the Indian Armed Forces, keeping a main importance within the Republic of India.

Factors Affecting the President of India’s Salary

The salary of the President is affected by various factors along with the cost of living, ancient precedent, and public perception. The cost of living in the country and the location play a great position in determining the President’s salary for you to provide a comfortable living for the person and their family.

Additionally, historical precedent and public notion of the significance and status of the location also impact the salary, with adjustments made over time to make changes in financial conditions and societal conditions. Ultimately, the President’s salary is determined through a range of factors to ensure honest repayment for the person serving in this high-profile and good position.

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Career Scope for President of India

The professional scope for the President of India is fairly prestigious and specific, given that it’s an important constitutional workplace in the country. The role entails representing the country, upholding the Constitution, and performing ceremonial duties. Post-presidency, people frequently interact in numerous local and international activities, leveraging their experience for public talking, advisory roles, or involvement in charitable and social initiatives.

Former Presidents may also write memoirs, make contributions to academic and policy discussions, or keep honorary positions in establishments. Their massive experience and skills permit them to influence public life and coverage even after their tenure.

Role and Responsibilities of President of India

The President of India performs the main role in the state’s governance. Here are the roles and responsibilities of the Indian President.

Legislative Powers

The President has the power to handle ordinances in the course of Parliament. These ordinances have the same force as an Act of Parliament but require the approval of both Houses at different times.

Executive or Appointment Powers

The President appoints various high-rating officials, together with the Prime Minister, Chief Justice of India, and Governors of States. The President additionally appoints the Attorney General Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

Judicial Powers

The President has the power to provide pardons, reprieves, respites, or remissions of punishment, and to suspend, remit, or commute sentences in some time. However, this power does not now make offenses attempted by  Court Martial.

Financial Powers

The President’s physical games manage the cash bill, which would most effectively be introduced in Parliament with the President’s advice. The President also appoints the Finance Commission and approves the once-a-year finances.

Diplomatic Powers

The President of India represents the community. The President receives credentials from overseas ambassadors and sends envoys to different nations.

Military Powers

As the commander-in-chief of the Indian Armed Forces, the President holds the very best command over the Defense Forces. However, the workout of this power is regulated by using regulation.

Emergency Powers

In times of emergency, the President can address the emergency, which offers the primary government more powers. This provision is an important element of the Constitution to hold the strength and security of the state.

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Qualifications and Skills Required

The President must have soft skills and hard skills. Here are the qualifications and skills that candidates must have to become Indian President

  • Innovative, imaginative, and prescient of the future of the business enterprise that they are able to plan, strategize, and execute.
  • Good communication skills, with the ability to talk with board participants, executives, and front desk staff
  • Financial and operational understanding, in addition to expertise in policies, policy, and techniques that affect the enterprise.
  • Ability to attract, develop, and keep top expertise.
  • Have a top level of emotional intelligence.
  • Strong leadership skills with the ability to inspire people to action through their impact.

Future of President of India Profession

The future of the President of India profession is poised to be expected with the changing political, economic, and technological panorama. Increasingly, the job will emphasize being a moral and ethical manual amidst growing complexities in governance. Enhanced use of virtual conversation and social media will enable more public engagement and transparency. 

As India keeps asserting itself globally, the President’s diplomatic responsibilities may also enlarge. Also, efforts to further democratize the selection technique may want to enhance the workplace’s representational importance, ensuring it stays a respected symbol of country harmony and constitutional integrity.


What is the salary of the Indian President?

 The salary of the Indian President is currently Rs. 5 lakh per month as of 2024.

What are the retirement perks for former Presidents of India?

Former Presidents get hold of a pension of about Rs. 1.5 lakh per month, together with a supplied rent-free bungalow, workforce assistance, and travel allowances.

What are the main duties of the President of India?

The President of India serves as the head of state and preferred commander of the militia, with responsibilities including appointing key officers and representing India across the world.

How are Indian Presidents elected?

Indian Presidents are elected by an electoral method by an Electoral College comprising participants of Parliament and state legislative assemblies.

What are the government powers of the President of India?

While the President doesn’t possess executive powers, they can influence decisions, grant approvals, and cope with the state. However, executive skills are possessed by the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

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