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Income Tax Inspector Salary In India 2024: Benefits, Allowances and Job Profile

Many candidates get motivated to apply for the SSC CGL exam due to the decent income provided by the income tax inspector’s job. The positions of tax inspectors are provided with competitive salaries and various benefits and allowances. This article focuses on the SSC CGL income tax inspector’s salary details, such as pay grades and how to increase one’s future financial status.

SSC CGL Income Tax Inspector

The position of income tax inspector on the Central Board of Direct Taxes is in high demand among aspirants participating in CGL recruitment campaigns. This post gives the Combined Graduate Level Examination of the SSC CGL Income Tax Inspector Job Description and Pay.

Explore the nature of the work of an Income Tax Inspector, which consists of specific duties and responsibilities. Furthermore, the post elaborates on the SSC CGL post’s syllabus and gives some exam preparation tips. Check out the article below for the SSC CGL Income Tax Inspector function.

Job Description for SSC CGL Income Tax Inspector Job

As dependent on the primary region, the duty of a revenue tax inspector may be both desk and field. The position is split into two different divisions within the Income Tax Department:

  1. Assessment Section: The main desk-based job in this department involves calculating an individual’s or business’s income tax obligations. As an SSC CGL Income Tax Inspector, one’s responsibilities encompass handling refund claims and TDS-related queries.
  2. Non-Assessment Section: One vital field task is participating in the quick response team conducting the search and seizure. The administration of desk work at the first level is to gather intelligence and get evidence from the defaulters.

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SSC CGL Income Tax Inspector Career Growth

Apart from this, there is the recognition of the role of SSC CGL Income Tax Inspector, but at the same time, it also brings lots of responsibility. Nevertheless, the position of an income tax officer is highly profitable and extremely hard. Candidates should realize they can gain rewards due to their hard work and time management. Read the table below to find out a lot about the prospects that are awaiting and the career advancement of Income Tax Inspectors:

SSC CGL Income Tax Inspector Career Growth
Years of required serviceNew Designation
5- 7 yearsIncome Tax Officer (ITO).
7-9 yearsAssistant commissioner.
10-12 yearsAssistant commissioner of income tax.
4-5 yearsDeputy commissioner.
4-5 yearsAdditional commissioner.
4-5 yearsJoint commissioner.
4-5 years.Commissioner of Income tax.

SSC CGL Income Tax Inspector Allowances

The salary slip structure comprises many components, including grade pay, qualifications, deductions, and allowances. The Income Tax Inspector is compensated with an average fixed salary in addition to various perks and bonuses, including:

SSC CGL Income Tax inspector salaryCity LCity MCity N
Basic pay44,90044,90044,900
NPS Deduction10% (Basic + DA)5,2545,2545,254
Gross Earnings67,52263,92860,338
DA on TA613307307
Total Deduction5,6345,6345,634
Net Earnings61,88958,29754,705
Government contribution7,3567,3567,356

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SSC CGL Income Tax Inspector Eligibility Criteria

The table below lists the criteria for being an SSC CGL Income Tax Inspector. Aspiring applicants must carefully go through the eligibility criteria before submitting their applications. It is impressive to hear that prospective candidates suffering from color blindness are also eligible for the post of Income Tax Officer:

Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.
Educational QualificationBachelor degree from a recognized university.
Age18-30 years.
NationalityCitizen of India.
Number of AttemptsNo limit

Advantages and Extra Benefits

Now that you know the salary range for the SSC CGL Income Tax Inspector 2024, we will also give the details of the other benefits above and beyond the income. While on duty, an income tax inspector is entitled to numerous benefits, including:

  1. Central Government Health Scheme: The Government employees have a particular healthcare program called CGHS. The wellness centers and polyclinics run by Allopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Siddha, and Homoeopathy provide medicines and services.
  2. Transport Allowance: This is a lump sum method that the Government of India (Goi) pays workers for travel to work-related matters.
  3. House Rent Allowance (HRA): The Government of India incorporates this amount in an individual’s income to cover the cost of renting a house to live in.
  4. Pensions: The government provides monthly payments to individuals who have reached retirement age.
  5. Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme: The Central Government contributes these two benefits under the scheme:
  • Insurance coverage to shield their family members.
  • A percentage of the income goes toward contributing to their retirement savings.
  1. Allowance for Dearness: It is a percentage of base pay, which makes up the remainder and acts as a safety net against inflation.

SSC CGL Income Tax Inspector Salary Slip

The annual salary of an Income Tax Inspector is determined mainly by his posting location and the level of his expertise. However, below is a rough outline of the salary components for an Income Tax Inspector:

  • Basic Salary: The amount of money paid to the employee before any allowances or deductions are removed from their payment. It is usually based on the remuneration set aside for the role. Grade pay refers to a bonus granted to civil servants as per their grade or level on the pay scale. 
  • Grade pay: Grade pay is an extra income usually granted to government employees based on their ranking grade. The amount of money you get at the position determines the final pay.
  • Allowances: The income tax inspectors are entitled to several employee benefits such as Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Transportation Allowance, Medical Allowance, and other benefits.
  • Deductions: The net pay is computed after taking out relevant deductions from the gross salary, including income tax and other applicable deductions.
  • Gross Salary: The basic salary is the employee’s total amount before all possible deductions are made.

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SSC CGL Income Tax Inspector: Career Growth and Promotion

The opportunities in the income tax field to advance a career are earning higher responsibilities and participation in the efficient functioning of the tax system. Here we mentioned a table that includes promotions and career growth of SSC CGL income tax inspectors: 

Promotion levelDesignationSalary range
Entry levelIncome Tax InspectorRupees 44,900 – 1, 43,400.
Level 1 PromotionSenior Tax AssistantRupees 47,650- 1, 51,200.
Level 2 PromotionAssistant CommissionerRupees 56,100- 1, 77,550.
Level 3 PromotionCommissioner of Income TaxRupees 67,750- 2, 08, 750.
Level 4 PromotionJoint commissionerRupees 78,850- 2, 09, 250.
Level 5 PromotionAdditional commissionerRupees 1, 18,500- 2, 14,150.
Highest Promotion LevelCommissioner of income taxRupees 1, 44,250- 2,18,250.


An SSC CGL Income Tax Inspector’s career growth is based entirely on his performance, effectiveness, and skills. As the career progresses, there are more and more opportunities to get promoted to recognized and respected positions. The candidates, therefore, can work through the SSC CGL Previous Years Question Paper to get the complete model of the exam’s level and range and also to brush up the knowledge.

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