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BSc Nursing Salary in India 2024: Job Profile and Career Scope

According to the latest records, the BSc Nursing Salary in India is INR 3.03 LPA. The average starting BSc Nursing Salary after a BSc in nursing course is about INR 2.78 LPA and can increase to INR 8 LPA. BSc nursing graduates are usually in demand because of the high scope and increase of the medical and healthcare industries. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc. Nursing) is a 4-year undergraduate diploma program. This course trains students to become professional nurses. Throughout the course, students will study anatomy, physiology, microbiology, pharmacology, psychology, and nursing ethics.

BSc Nursing Salary

The BSc Nursing Salary per month is INR 25,399. Medical representatives, nurses, army nurses, psychiatric nurses, industrial nurses, and other high-paying BSc nursing occupations get handsome salaries. The BSc Nursing Programme blends educational understanding with effective medical practice to prepare students to give holistic healthcare to people, families, and groups. Students learn about medical-surgical nursing, pediatric nursing, psychiatric nursing, and public health nursing, amongst different disciplines. 

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Salary to BSc Nursing Graduates in India

There are many factors that affect the B.Sc Nursing salary in India. The B.Sc nursing salary varies profile-wise, company-wise, role-wise, experience-wise, and many other factors. Let’s have a look at the different salaries of B.SC Nursing graduates in all cases.  

BSc Nursing Salary 2024 Profile-wise 

A career after completing the BSc Nursing course is rather profitable and good. Candidates selected for the top profiles, like Nursing Supervisors, are paid handsome salaries. The BSc Nursing Salary package relies upon the experience and profile of the candidate. The starting salary package deal of a B.Sc. Nursing graduates may be around Rs 4 lakhs in a good health facility/clinic. Here are the profile-wise B.Sc Nursing Salary 

BSc Nursing Job ProfileSalary Package (INR)
Staff Nurse3 LPA
Nurse Educator2.5 to 5 LPA
Nurse Researcher4.5 LPA
Nurse Administrator5 LPA
Public Health Nurse3.5 LPA
Occupational Health Nurse4.5 LPA
Nurse Practitioner6 LPA
Critical Care Nurse5.5 LPA
Nurse Informatics4.5 LPA
Home Health Nurse3.5 LPA

Experience-wise BSc Nursing Salary in India

The BSc Nursing is an undergraduate course of 4-years. After completing their course, candidates can move to their personal areas or choose a government job with an AIIMS Nursing Officer. Candidates must appear for a recruitment examination to get an official authority role whilst getting paid a very good BSc Nursing Salary in a personal job. They must be skilled. Here are the experience-wise B.SC nursing salary 

BSc Nursing Job ProfileExperience (In years)Salary Package (INR)
Staff Nurse0-4 years1.95 Lakh
Nurse Educator1-10 years1.60 Lakh
Male Staff Nurse1-7 years3.94 Lakh
Nursing Staff0-2 years2.06 Lakh
ICU Staff Nurse1-3 years2.15 Lakh
Female Staff Nurse2-5 years2.37 Lakh
GNM Nurse0-2 years5.40 Lakh
Medical Instructor2-3 years1.30 Lakh
Physician Assistant7 years5 Lakh
Emergency Nurse2 years3.15 Lakh
Healthcare Manager13 years4 Lakh
OT Staff2 years2.6 Lakh

BSc Nursing Salary Organisation Wise

Several healthcare companies and hospitals provide employment to BSc Nursing graduates. In the personal zone, main hospitals pay annual salary packages of as much as 6 lakh to nursing graduates. The candidates who qualify for the profile could be given the following monthly salary. Here are the organization wise salary of B.Sc Nursing graduates 

OrganizationAverage Salary
Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board (DSSSB)Rs. 44900 – 142400
Indian RailwaysRs 44,900
Employee State Insurance CorporationRs.44,900- 1,42,400
AIIMSRs. 9,300 – 34,800
Uttar Pradesh Health DepartmentRs. 44,900 – 1,42,400
NHM RajasthanRs. 25,000 – 45,000

BSc Nursing Salary In Private Hospitals

Several private health organizations and hospitals like Apollo, Leelavati Hospitals, Fortis, and so on have vacancies for BSc Nursing. The applicants get to work with these businesses as Staff Nurses, Nursing Assistants, and so on. Here, in the table given, you can learn about the annual salary for a BSc nursing graduate.

BSc Nursing Job ProfileAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Nurse2.6 L
Nursing Assistant1.7 L
Junior Psychiatric Nurse1.55 L
Nurse (ICU)- Intensive Care Unit.2.97 L

BSc Nursing Salary In Government Hospitals

The Indian Government has a number of vacancies in terms of nurses because of its developing health infrastructure. A number of nurses are needed in the Navy, government hospitals, and NGOs. They work with the officers of NGOs and get the following salary

BSc Nursing Job ProfileAverage Annual Salary (INR)BSc Nursing Government Job Description
Military Nurse1.8 to 2 LA military nurse is responsible for the best treatment of army soldiers. They work with medical camps to provide treatment and preventive care to injured soldiers. 
Staff Nurse2.5 to a few LA staff nurse works in government hospitals and has to take care of the patients. They work in collaboration with medical doctors and other staff to offer the right care, treatment, and care to patients. 
Supervisor2.8 to a few LAs a supervisor, a nurse is responsible for handling, supervising, and managing the other duties and process profiles to all the nurses in the hospitals. 

BSc Nursing Jobs in India

As we tell you, B.Sc Nursing has demanding courses and offers good job opportunities to students. Here are the jobs that graduates can do after B.Sc Nursing in India 

Staff Nurse

A staff nurse is a certified nurse who gives the best health care to nursing home patients. They review patient test reports, hold tabs on the development of patients, or even help patients get better.

Industrial Nurse

An industrial nurse is a professional with expertise in comparing the workplace and ensuring the health and safety of all patients. They, moreover, provide humans with medical care. In addition, they emphasize environmental and occupational protection, in addition to the rehabilitation of health.

Military Nurse

The nurses who work for particular army groups are known as army nurses. During a wartime, they look after injured military employees and assist them get better.


Supervisors are the individuals who play a role in the sanatorium management and medical treatment. They especially allocate and supervise workforce nurses as well as patient operations.

Junior Psychiatric Nurse

Patients are cared for by junior psychiatric nurses. Extreme despair and different mental health conditions cause a number of patients to be hospitalized in mental health facilities. These patients are cared for by junior nurses, who constantly examine them.

Psychiatric Nurse

Mental health nurses may encompass psychiatric nurses. They provide their patients medical care for behavioral issues, mental health situations, or psychiatric diseases. Most of their responsibilities correspond to those of a psychiatrist.

Home care Nurses

Nurses who offer patient care at home are referred to as home care nurses. The elderly and critically unwell patients are cared for with the aid of these nurses. They might also or might not have a connection to hospitals.

Nursing Executives

Executive nurses are the top administrative positions. They often function as the nursing team’s chief, display control operations, and make administrative decisions.

Skills Required for BSc Nursing Jobs

BSc Nursing scope is large, imparting diverse process opportunities and options for higher education; in order to become an expert at every possibility, it is crucial to have both dedication and skills in the way of nursing courses. Here are the skills students must require 

  • Effective Communication
  • Mental power and physical Stamina
  • Problem-Solving
  • Team Player
  • Time Management and Organization
  • Strong Work Ethics

Areas of Recruitment for BSc Nursing Graduates

BSc Nursing job possibilities in India are high because there is a need for nurses in each of the private and public sectors, and the demand is wide in the healthcare industry. Below is a listing of areas wherein graduates of BSc Nursing applications can get employment:

  • Government Hospitals
  • Private Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Clinics
  • Education
  • State Nursing Council
  • Armed Forces

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Career Scope of B.Sc Nursing 

There are several career possibilities to be had for people who have completed a BSc nursing degree and are licensed as nurses. Some of the capability career opportunities are given below.

  • Bedside nursing: One can work in different areas, which include hospitals, clinics, nursing houses, and home healthcare organizations, presenting direct patient care.
  • Specialization: BSc nursing graduates can concentrate on a specific area of nursing, including pediatrics’, geriatrics, or oncology.
  • Nurse practitioner: BSc nursing graduates with proper education and training can work as nurse practitioners, which allows them to diagnose and treat patients independently.
  • Nurse educator: Nurse educators teach and mentor junior nurses in educational and medical settings.
  • Nursing supervisor: Nursing managers have to look at the operations of a nursing unit or facility.
  • Nursing administrator: Nursing directors are liable for the overall control and management of a nursing facility.

In addition to those roles, there are numerous other opportunities to work in studies, public health, or consulting. Some of the other career possibilities are listed below

  • Staff Nurse
  • Director of Nursing
  • Department Supervisor
  • Nursing Supervisor or Ward Sister
  • Nursing Superintendent
  • Community Health Nurse (CHN)
  • Home Care Nurses
  • Military Nurse
  • Deputy Nursing Superintendent
  • Teacher of Nursing
  • Assistant Nursing Superintendent
  • Industrial Nurse


A BSc Nursing diploma opens up a wide range of career possibilities and a handsome salary in the healthcare industry. Graduates with this diploma can work in hospitals, clinics, nursing houses, and different healthcare centers as registered nurses, supplying care and help to patients of every age. They can also pursue superior education and training to focus on a specific area of nursing, which includes pediatrics, gerontology, or mental health. Additionally, BSc Nursing graduates can take on leadership roles and work as nursing supervisors, educators, or administrators. The demand for professional nurses is predicted to continue to grow, creating a BSc Nursing degree that will provide precious funding for a rewarding and gratifying career in the healthcare area.

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