Gratuity Calculator

Any employee of a private business company that provides EPF facilities is eligible to get an amount as a gratuity after completing five years of service. Employees are able to get gratuity before 5 years, in case of any injury or disability. All gratuity payments are managed through the laws under the Payment of Gratuity Act 1972. The amount relies upon the remaining drawn salary and the years of service served to the company.

If you are eligible for the amount of Gratuity, you should first check how much you are eligible for. For this, the gratuity calculator will help you in that thing too.

Gratuity Calculator Online


What is a Gratuity Calculator?

The Gratuity Calculator is a precious device designed to help you estimate your gratuity entitlement in compliance with Indian exertions laws. Whether you’re making plans for retirement or considering a job alternate, knowing your gratuity benefits is vital. The Gratuity Calculator simplifies the technique, permitting you to input your basic pay, dearness allowance (DA), and years of service to decide your gratuity amount quickly and as it should be.

Gratuity Eligibility in India for Employees

You must satisfy the requirements mentioned under Gratuity Eligibility in India.

  • Superannuation needs to be presented to you
  • You need to have finished your career by the retired
  • 5 years of non-stop employment with the agency should have brought on your resignation
  • If your loss of life happens, your Gratuity may be given to your nominee or, if you emerge as disabled due to illness or a coincidence, to you

Organizations Eligible for Gratuity

According to the Payment of Gratuity Act of 1972, gratuity eligibility in India is for employers with 10 or more employees. Here are the organizations eligible for it

  • Every company, whether it’s a manufacturing unit, mine, oilfield, plantation, port, or railroad
  • Every company regulation where there have been at least 10 employees on any given day throughout the preceding year (as State Govt specify)
  • Every business within that means of the law in which there have been at least 10 employees on any given day during the preceding year (as Central Govt specifies)
  • Any company or facility under the Gratuity Act with fewer than 10 employees after becoming qualified

How Can a Gratuity Calculator Help You?

A gratuity calculator online in India is beneficial because

  • It enables you to determine the appropriate amount due to you
  • It saves you precious time and different resources
  • You can use it anywhere from your comfort
  • It allows you in long-term financial planning

Advantages of Using Gratuity Calculator

A gratuity calculator is completely simple to use and gives you the following advantages:

  • It helps you to know the exact gratuity amount that you are eligible to receive from your employer
  • It simply requires you to go into your salary and years of service in the company. Based on the simplest of these two inputs, the gratuity calculator will show you the final amount of Gratuity
  • The gratuity calculator reduces the complex calculations. It makes the calculation simple and easier for you 
  • If you’re planning to keep your service for long, you could use the gratuity calculator to do proper financial planning

It is vital to calculate your Gratuity in an effort to claim the overall amount to which you are entitled. Knowing this ahead will help you to plot your budget in a better manner. You can use this calculator to calculate the gratuity amount instantly.

Taxation Rules for Gratuity

The taxes applicable to the gratuity amount rely upon the form of employees: The gratuity amount obtained by any government employee is exempt from the income tax. For private-sector employees, the least of the following 3 amounts can be exempt from salary tax given that the company is covered below the Payment of Gratuity Act,

  • Rs 20 lakh
  • The real gratuity amount obtained
  • The eligible Gratuity

The maximum gratuity amount of employee claims in their life does not go beyond 20 lakh.

Gratuity Calculation Formula

The gratuity calculator will calculate the gratuity amount based on the gratuity calculation formulation. To calculate the gratuity amount, you will need to input the basic drawn salary and the tenure of the service with the agency. Your final drawn salary will collect your number one income, dearness allowances, and the commissions you would have acquired by sales.

The gratuity rules say that there are two principal categories to determine the calculation- one for the Employees covered below the Act and the second for the Employees who are not covered under the Gratuity Act.

  • For Employees covered under the Act:

The Gratuity calculation system that you can use to calculate the Gratuity amount is:

Gratuity = n*b*15/26

n denotes the tenure of service an employee has given in the organization.

B denotes the last salary drawn with a dearness allowance.

For example, you’ve worked with an XYZ corporation for a complete 15 years. Consider your closing basic salary, which includes the dearness allowance, to become Rs. 40,000. So, consequently:

The amount of Gratuity = 15 × 40,000 × 15 / 26 = 3, 46,153

Two points have to be mentioned:

The gratuity amount is not over Rs. 20 Lakhs. The greater Gratuity amount can be considered as ex-gratia.

While calculating the tenure of service, when you have finished more than 6 months from your preceding date of becoming a member, then it’s far taken into consideration a finished year for the calculation of Gratuity. So, as an example, when you have worked for 15 years and 7 months, you may obtain the gratuity amount for 16 years. But if you have worked for 15 years and 5 months, then the Gratuity will only count for 15 years.

For Employees not covered under the Gratuity Act:

Even if the agency isn’t always covered under the Gratuity Act, the employees would still acquire the Gratuity amount. But the number of days might be changed from 26 to 30 days.

The Gratuity calculation method is:

Gratuity = (15 × final drawn salary × working tenure)/30.

For example, if you have worked for a company for 7 years, the company isn’t included under the Gratuity Act. And your basic salary was Rs. 35,000.

Gratuity Amount = (15 × 35,000 × 7) / 30 = 1,22,500.

How to use a Gratuity Calculator?

Follow these steps and calculate your Gratuity using the Gratuity Calculator:

  • You need to enter the basic salary and the dearness allowance, if relevant, by using the slider.
  • You then input the number of years of service in the organization.
  • The gratuity calculator might calculate the total gratuity amount payable to you in seconds.
  • You can recalculate the Gratuity whenever with the aid of converting the enter sliders.
  • The Gratuity may be calculated right away while you move the sliders.


Gratuity Calculator is an online tool for calculating the gratuity adulthood amount by using running employees in an organization in India. It enables you to know how much gratuity cash you would get if you retired or left your cutting-edge task from your employer.

Gratuity is the financial benefit an employee receives in a lump sum by their agency. The predominant objective of giving Gratuity is to provide retirement benefits to the employees. The gratuity amount is completely paid by the employer with no contributions from the employee.


Is the gratuity calculator free for use?

Yes. You can use the calculator totally free.

How many times can I use the calculator?

There is no limit on the number of times you can use the service. You can use it as frequently as you need.

I actually have worked for 16 years and 4 months. How many years’ worth of Gratuity will I receive?

The laws are framed to round off the full employment period to the closest complete year. In your case, Gratuity might be calculated for 16 years. It could be 17 years in case you had to work for 2 more months.

Can I also calculate the ex gratia amount by using this calculator?

Yes. Anything above Rs 10 Lakh is mechanically calculated as your ex gratia amount.