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Cyber Security Salary in India 2024: In-Hand Salary, Career Growth & Benefits

In the digital age, cyber security becomes the building block of financial stability, trust in business, and sustainable growth. With time, the companies’ development will accompany the increasing need for cyber security proficiency in 2024 and the future. Cyber security is a fast-forward career field that embraces people with the right skills. According to the forecasts, the global cyber security industry is expected to grow from 170 billion USD in 2017 to 202 billion USD by 2024.

The requirements for cyber security work have gone much higher than they used to be. In the following year, more than 1 million cyber security positions will be vacant. In this article, we will consider the best cyber security jobs of 2024. Additionally, we will discuss the job earning prospects for each occupation, the educational requirements for each field, and the career path you should take to be qualified.

The Rise in Cyber Security Jobs

Firstly, we will check why cyber journalists are increasing day by day. Any digital network, social media, or more is as easily accessible as any spoken word. Because of this, these cyber rises are called cyber attacks. Data leakage and the loss of customer dependence in case of a cyber attack hit a company. Such barriers have been implemented to restrain some approaches. Cyber security is the science behind it, covering what gets digital links uninvited at computer networks and systems.

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Is Cyber Security a Good Career?

Cyber security is an intriguing and highly profitable profession in today’s digital world. As a profession, it is a constantly changing position that necessitates continuous learning and adaptation to prevail in the fight against criminal hackers. Since the rise of digital reliance for firms and their clients, the need for people to secure data and networks has escalated alarmingly. Additionally, it provides multiple job opportunities like ethical hacking and security architect roles, which can depend upon the expert’s will. Professional attitudes can be linked to the global cyber security worker deficit and the coverage and safe professions that come with it.

 Benefits of making a career in Cyber security?

Cybersecurity is quickly becoming an essential career with lots of growth opportunities. It’s a prosperous industry that also comes with significant responsibilities. Cyber security experts are the ones who protect companies and their information from cyber crooks. They’re usually part of the IT gang, teaming up with folks like software developers. Let’s look at the benefits of working in cyber security:

  • Being important by stopping online crime and keeping businesses secure.
  • The chance to learn new things and get better at what you do professionally.

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Factors Influencing Cyber Security Salary in India

The cyber security industry in India has reached a breakneck pace of growth, driven by their enterprise’s digital change. Salary structures in the cyber security sector are a complex issue impacted by skill sets, and further education commitment:

  1. Skill set and expertise: In India, the salaries earned in cyber security are primarily contingent upon an individual’s skill set and experience. Practitioners with abilities like ethical hacking, and threat analysis are usually paid more. Security certifications, such as CISSP or CEH, can boost career options and potential high earnings in an industry with a fast-paced evolution of technologies.
  2. Industry Vertical: Cyber security professionals are well-paid in sectors that specialize in the practice of cyber security. With the ascension of the protective role of sensitive data in these industries, leading to increasing cyber security specialists’ salaries.
  3. Geographical Location: The geographical positioning of employment is an integral element of cyber security pay. Moreover, metropolises with higher living costs are usually able to offer more attractive remuneration to compensate for living expenses. As cyber experts are clustered in the metropolitan centers, the specialists in Mumbai and Delhi earn more than their counterparts in smaller places in India.
  4. Demand and Supply Dynamics: The demand for cyber security professionals in India is more significant than those capable of meeting the required market demands. As companies compete for a skillful labor market, supply and demand imbalance increases salaries. 
  5. Continuous Learning and Certification: Cyber security is highly dynamic and requires constant learning and skill enhancement. Professionals who always stand at the forefront of development through participation in training sessions and managerial certificates will increase their labor market value. 

Average Salary of Cyber Security Engineer in India

You have heard about the increased number of cyber security jobs and their chances of being present in this sector. Therefore, let’s check out the different career roles that are available. Cyber security offers you a wide range of positions, and the job nature of those occupations is almost impossible to generalize. These jobs can be classified according to the following parameters:

  • Your educational qualifications.
  • Professional work experience.
  • Your region of interest.
  • The certificates or credentials that you’ve gained in cyber security.

Cyber Security Salary by City

Although the number of cyber security personnel in India is rising, it is crucial to know the pay structures that vary from location to location. Cyber security expert salaries, as seen from the current information on pay scale, making it a must for professionals to compare regional pay differences:

  1. Bangalore: The data security talent hub is the City of Silicon Valley in Karnataka, also called Bangalore. One faster development technology area and an enlarging startup ecosystem require hiring cyber security specialists. For this reason, cyber security professionals in Bangalore get great pay and are recognized as a sign that the city is a technological and innovation hub.
  2. Delhi-NCR: Cyber security experts also head to NCR, which contains Delhi and some of its neighboring areas—the satellite build-out of private networks mainly in the fast-growing IT.
  3. Pune: With Pune becoming an IT and manufacturing hub, the city experiences an increasing requirement for professionals. The cities’ high-tech environment accommodates a big start-up community that competes for spaces in an expanding technology landscape.
  4. Hyderabad: As one of the developing regions in IT, cyber security is also part of the city’s agenda, and it will be harnessed soon by the state. It has been the source of attracting numerous competitive wage rates in the city’s cyber security profession. Salary for actual cybersecurity experts in Hyderabad ranges from ₹ 3 lakhs per annum to ₹10 Lakhs yearly at least.

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Career Growth and Progression in Cyber Security

The shortage of highly skilled cybersecurity defenders has grown steadily in this digital age. As cybercriminals keep searching for weak spots, the cybersecurity professions become more diverse. This article focuses on the career advancement in the expanding field of cyber security:

  • Specialization: People who select specific subjects and broaden their knowledge have opportunities to advance their jobs. Recognition of risks and harmony with new technology are the determining factors in anything.
  • Professional Networking: A reliable, professional network is central to building your cyber security career. One of the primary aspects of networking is the complement of information to thrive in this career.
  • Continuous learning: Cybersecurity is dynamic and fast-moving, with novel threats emerging every minute. Employees should guarantee continuous education to themselves as it will remain a step ahead of cyber attackers. 
  • Leadership and managerial roles: Through the years, employees gain needed field experience and can pursue management positions. The ability to perform these duties depends on the person’s communication ability. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in cyber security management will equip you with the necessary knowledge.

Top Cyber Security Jobs

  1. Chief Information Security Officer – CISO: The Chief Information Security Officer oversees an organization’s information security. The CISOs are responsible for developing and managing information security risk policies. 
  2. Database administrator: A database administrator is a person who manages and maintains the database. Database administrators must also ensure data protection and data security also. Database administrators are important for the successful operation of any organization. They are responsible for ensuring that databases are working securely. 
  3. Cloud Security Expert: Cloud security professionals are in high demand and will continue to be as in the future as people become more reliant on the cloud. The role of a cloud security professional is to protect data, and networks from cyber threats. This is done by analyzing threats and vulnerabilities and ensuring compliance.
  4. Application Security Engineer: The Application Security Engineer manages the security policies and enterprise applications. They operate and implement policies to protect against internal and external threats. 


Demand for cyber security personnel in India is growing as its cyber threats increase, as is reliance on digital infrastructure. An exciting opportunity is created by the apparent deficiency of qualified professionals and, in this sense, an expressive skills gap for work. Salaries for cyber security experts in India fall within the range of ₹5 lakh to ₹69 lakh each year, depending on the position. Big businesses are increasingly hiring cyber security personnel and offering talent nearly high sums to protect their digital properties. Young entrepreneurs can start their cyber security careers by developing the necessary knowledge and keeping up with industry developments.

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