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Narendra Modi Salary 2024: Net-Worth, Additional Benefits and Perks

India’s prime minister is the highest-ranking policy-making official, serving as the head of authorities and the thoracic of the administrative branch. Everyone in the expanse has ever been interested in knowing the Prime Minister’s pay. Every five years, the President picks the Prime Minister of the intact nation, which is a meaningful occasion. A large wave of elections is held across the country, and a policy-making party is given the chance to run the government. The head of state was ordinarily the thoracic of the policy-making party or alliance with the most seats in the Lok Sabha.

Who is Narendra Modi?

Narendra Modi was born on 17th September 1950 in Vadnagar, India. Narendra Modi took the oath as India’s 18th Prime Minister in May 2014. He is a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Narendra Modi is recognized for his strong leadership and transformative vision for India.

Before becoming Prime Minister, Modi was Gujarat’s Chief Minister from 2001 to 2014, during which time he undertook significant economic and social changes. As Prime Minister, he has spearheaded essential projects such as GST reform and attempts to expand digital infrastructure and financial inclusion.

Born17th September 1950
Political party BJP
WifeJashodaben Modi
Address7, Lok kalyan Marg, New Delhi
EducationBA (DU)MA (Gujarat University)
AwardsCompanion of the Order of FijiEbakl award by the Republic of palauOrder of the Druk GyalpoLegion of merit by US government King Hammad Order of the Renaissance
Social MediaInstagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter(X)

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi Salary in 2024

The Prime Minister of India needed a firm remuneration like most individuals. Instead, they were paid monthly to meet their living expenses. This money was referred to as an allowance. The Prime Minister’s compensation and benefits record the grandness of the job and the sum of exploit required to do it. It may not have been the most significant money in the world, but it was plenty to help the Prime Minister accomplish their job and live comfortably.

Narendra Modi salary is Rs. 2 lakhs per month and his annual package is Rs. 19,20,000. The salary slip includes basic pay (Rs. 50,000) and other additional perks. He also gets the allowances.

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Additional Benefits and Perks

Aside from monthly allowances, the Prime Minister of India receives a change of other advantages and perks. This includes:

  1. Free Accommodation
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi was given an authorized house free of rent and other housing expenditures. 
  • The hall was located at 7 Race Course Road in New Delhi.
  • The Prime Minister and their category have their authorized house at this address.
  • The hall offers the Prime Minister a broad, fixed place to live and work.
  1. Security Details 
  • The Prime Minister’s high-profile place needs blueish credentials to guard their safety. 
  • A captain credentials item consisting of trained and experienced force was assigned to guard the Prime Minister at all times.
  • This credentials item protects the Prime Minister from effectiveness attacks at home and on authorized visits. 
  • The credentials item worked inexhaustibly to keep the Prime Minister safe and secure.
  1. Travel Facilities
  • The Prime Minister has approached a fleet of authority vehicles and aircraft to meet their run needs. 
  • This comprises sumptuous cars for road excursions and specially outfitted planes for all flights.
  • These mobility choices check that the Prime Minister may have traveled efficiently and conveniently, whether attending meetings in clear-cut states or representing India on a rounded scale.
  1. Medical Facilities
  • Preventive exams were performed to keep them healthy.
  • Specialized therapies were provided to meet appropriate demands.
  • Emergency care is approachable in the event of an unlooked-for situation.

Narendra Modi’s Net Worth in 2024

Bank DepositRs. 1.86 croreFD and savings accounts
National Saving Certificate Rs. 8.9 LakhsNSC investment
LICRs. 1.5 lakhsLIC investment 
Jewelry Rs. 1.5 LakhsGold ring
PropertyRs. 1.1  crorePlot in Gandhinagar
Total Net worthRs. 3.07 crore

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Eligibility to Become Prime Minister of India

You must have met the following criteria to become prime minister of India:

  • Be a citizen of India. 
  • Be a phallus of one of India’s two houses of parliament and the Lok Sabha or the Rayna Saba.
  • Be at least 25 years old if a Lok Sabha member or 30 years old if a Rayna Sabha member. 
  • Hold no profit-making positions in the Indian or state governments.

Roles and Responsibilities of Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of India wields tremendous power and responsibility,’ being the head of authorities and the administrator branch. Their responsibilities cover a wide range of functions. The following are the roles and duties of the Prime Minister of India:

  • Head of Government: The Prime Minister is trustworthy in overseeing the boilersuit appendage of the administrator limb and ensuring that authorities’ policies are expeditiously implemented. This includes coordinating the actions of many ministries and departments to ensure they all work together to attain average goals.
  • Leader of the Cabinet: The Prime Minister chairs the Cabinet; the authorities are the highest administrative body made up of older ministers in charge of single departments. The Prime Minister oversees the Cabinet’s decision-making process and ‘ ensures that it is uniform with the authority’s addendum and priorities.
  • Chief Spokesperson of the Government: The Prime Minister is the authority’s spokesperson domestically and internationally. They are accommodating in defining the authority’s policies and represent India in transnational forums.
  • Formulator of Government Policies: The prime minister is trustworthy policies in changing areas and defense policy. They collaborated intimately with cabinet ministers and other professionals to develop strategies and plans to attain the authority’s goals.
  • Appointment of important Officials: The Prime Minister can urge appointments to important positions such as the Chief Justice of India, state governors, and the Chief Election Commissioner. These appointees are authorized to ensure the independence and nonpartisanship of clear-cut institutions.
  • Representation of India Abroad: The Prime Minister represents India at transnational summits, conferences, and diverse meetings. They meet with constituted leaders, negotiate deals, and hold India’s interests on a rounded scale.
  • Crisis Management: During domestic crises such as undyed catastrophes and economic turbulence, the Prime Minister directs the authorities’ reactions. 
  • Upholding Constitutional Values: The Prime Minister had sworn to keep India’s Constitution that the authorities follow its ideals. They were charged with protecting central rights,’ supporting democracy and upholding the rule of law.
  • Accountability to Parliament: The Prime Minister trusts Parliament, the lower house of parliament. Members of Parliament question them about authorities’ policies and decisions.
  • Visionary Leadership: The Prime Minister gives the expanse of imaginativeness and direction, setting semi-permanent goals and inspiring the people to work for advancement and development.


Finally, we ended a discussion on the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Salary and other benefits. Accepting one of the highest positions in the country will also mean accepting a responsibility that will influence everything the country will be made of for years to come. Consequently, they receive privileges explicitly catering to their duties to be carried out perfectly.

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