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Graphic Designer Salary in India 2024: Job Profile & Description, Career Scope

Graphic designer Salary and work with textual content and pictures. They regularly choose the type, font, size, color, headings, and textual content. The placement of pictures and text on a print or website, in addition to how a great deal of space ever needs to be occupied, are selections made by Graphic designers. Graphic designer Salary and writers work closely whilst using text in designs to decide the phrases for use and if they need to be positioned in paragraphs, lists, or tables. Graphic designers may also visualize data facts into visible visuals and diagrams, which can make complex concepts easier by using graphics, text, and shade.

A project in graphics design has numerous benefits, together with the ability to be creative. Because of the specialized nature of their work and the high demand for graphic designers, graphic designers can get handsome salaries. More content material offers many opportunities to design the visible components of that content material, specifically in this technological age, which explains the increasing demand for graphics designers. Top hiring industries for Graphic design jobs include commercial enterprise, IT, gaming, advertising, information media, and entertainment, etc. 

Graphic Designer Salary are professional experts who use computer software to create visuals for everyone to see. They usually earn about INR 49,700 per month, which provides up to an average of INR 6.47 LPA. If you want to become a graphic designer, you should enroll in diverse undergraduate or postgraduate graphics design courses through the top Graphic design colleges or institutes. 

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Graphic Designer’s Average Salary

The average salary for a Graphic Designer stands at INR 6.47 LPA, with various factors affecting it, along with experience, job role, company, city, etc with their salary slip. Entry-level graphic designers can get starting salaries ranging from INR 2.40 LPA to a few LPA, at the same time as those with 4 to 9 years of experience can expect a salary between INR 10 LPA and 12 LPA.

Among the various factors affecting a Graphic Designer Salary, the city also plays a role. Metropolitan regions exhibit a high demand for graphics designers, therefore presenting higher salaries. Notable groups like Tata Consultancy Services, Amazon, and BYJU are among the top recruiters, extending salaries ranging from INR 8.33 LPA to 16 LPA.

Salary Offered Graphic Design Graduates in India

Graphic Design salary in India starts from INR 3-7 LPA. The highest salary of a Graphic Designer Salary in India is expected at INR 8 LPA. The salary is based on various factors like work experience, job locations, skills, area expertise, industry requirements and many others. 

Graphic Designer Salary: Specialization Wise

Graphic designers are employed for specific positions according to their specialization and experience. The table below shows the salaries of graphics designers based on job role

Job ProfilesAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Visual Designer8.90 L
Marketing Designer8.40 L
User Interface Designer5.93 L
Publication Designer6.80 L
Packaging Designer4.30 L

Graphic Designer Salary: Skill Wise

Skills are also one of the factors that affect the salary of a Graphic Designer. Among the crucial skills needed for this career are skill ability in Adobe Graphics shop, Adobe Illustrator, etc. Here is the skill-wise salary of Graphic Designer Salary in India 

SkillsAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Adobe Graphics shop2.97 L
Adobe Illustrator2.99 L
Graphic design3.02 L
Branding3.38 L
Design3.00 L
Corel Draw2.60 L
Web Design3.05 L

Graphic Designer Salary: Experience Wise

In every profession, the salary of a candidate usually will increase with more experience. Fresh graduates can get salaries of around INR 2.40 LPA, whereas candidates with 4 to 9 years of experience can get salaries of around INR 7.60 LPA. Here is experience the Graphic Designer Salary 

ExperienceAverage Annual Salary (INR)
0 – 5 years3.40 L
6 – 10 years8.60 L
11 – 15 years13.11 L
16 – 20 years17.00 L & above

Graphic Designer Salary: Company Wise

The salary of a Graphic Designer also varies according to the company. The top recruiters offer a handsome salary to graphic designers whereas small-scale companies offer less salary to graphic designers. 

Name of the CompanyAverage Annual Salary (INR)
AffinityX3.56  L
Ad2Pro Media Solutions Private Limited4.12 L
R.R. Donnelley3.23 L
Amazon6.83 L
Graphic-Designer.Co3.61 L
Tata Consultancy services5.10 L
Accenture4.29 L
Myntra5.16 L
Wipro3.14 L
BYJU’s5.31 L

Graphic Designer Salary: City Wise

The salary of a Graphic Designer fluctuates depending on the city. Here is the salary of Graphic Designers across numerous cities on your records.

Name of the CityAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Delhi3.65 L
Gurugram3.72 L
Mumbai3.06 L
Hyderabad3.34 L
Ahmedabad2.91 L
Bangalore3.62 L
Noida3.25 L

Job Profile of a Graphic Designer 

A graphic designer is responsible for making visual designs that spread the brand’s message easily. The demand for Graphic Designers is high in visuals, digital and multimedia. Here is the job role of a graphic designer 

Job ProfileJob Description
Freelance Graphic DesignerA web designer is the only one who creates the design and layout of websites. They need to make sure the website is user-friendly, visually attractive, and appealing. A web designer needs to be well-versed with an understanding of design software and web development.
Motion Graphic DesignerAn expert motion graphic designer creates animations and visuals for movies, websites, and different digital media. These professionals must have information on creativity and technical skills to meet the graphic needs.  
Logo DesignerA logo designer is responsible for designing specific and remarkable logos of high quality because it represents an agency’s brand identity. The professional must have the technical skills to create a simple and effective logo design.
Web DesignerA web designer is the only one who creates the design and layout of websites. They need to make sure the website is user-friendly, visually attractive, and appealing. A web designer needs to be well-versed with understanding of design software and web development.
UX/UI DesignerA UX/UI designer specializes in developing a great user experience for digital products, including websites and mobile apps. These professionals need to deal with customer psychology to design intuitive, smooth-to-use, and visually appealing interfaces. 

Skills of a Graphic Designer

To emerge as a successful Graphic Designer, it is important to have skills. Here are a few essential skills required in this field:

  • Creativity: Graphic Designers need to create and develop design solutions to satisfy customer requirements.
  • Analytical Thinking: They have to be capable of analyzing the design and determining the target audience to create effective designs.
  • Good Communication Skills: Effective verbal communication with clients and group members is important to understand and deliver design requirements correctly.
  • Adobe Graphics Shop: Proficiency in Adobe Graphics Shop lets Graphic Designers create and edit visuals efficiently.
  • Adobe Illustrator: The ability to use Adobe Illustrator allows Graphic Designers to create vector graphics and illustrations for various design projects.
  • Branding: A robust understanding of branding standards and methods enables Graphic Designers to create cohesive designs that align with a brand’s identification.
  • Design and Web Design: Proficiency in graphics design standards and web design software is crucial for visually appealing virtual designs.

Career Scope in Graphic Designing

The career scope of Graphic Design and opportunities are large after completing courses in various fields along with E-Commerce, Information Technology, Publication, promotion and many others. Following are a number of the career scope and courses after finish the Diploma in Graphic Design

Career Options After Diploma in Graphic Design

The candidate can work in a diverse range of job profiles after completion of a Diploma in Graphic Design including Graphic Designer, Multimedia Programmer, Web Designer and so on. Here are the various job roles for Diploma in Graphic Design graduates

  • Graphic Designer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • Creative Designer
  • E-Commerce Designer
  • Publication Designer
  • Social Media Designer

Courses After Diploma in Graphic Design

After completing a Diploma in Graphic Design, applicants can choose higher research in graphic design, including an undergraduate program, certification application or an online course. Below listed are a few course options for applicants to pick from:

  • Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design
  • Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication
  • Bachelor of Visual Communication

Top Graphic Design College for Placements

There are many colleges that offer placement opportunities to graphic design graduates. Here is a list of colleges with the best placement packages

Name of CollegeHighest CTC Offered
National Institute of DesignINR 22 LPA -23 LPA
MIT Art, Design and TechnologyINR 5-6 LPA
Lovely Professional UniversityINR 2-4 LPA
Pearl AcademyINR 12-15 LPA
Arch College of Design and BusinessINR 6-8 LPA
Ajeenkya DY Patil UniversityINR 5-6 LPA
Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and TechnologyINR 20 – 21 LPA
Apeejay Satya UniversityINR 6-7 LPA
Jain UniversityINR 5-6 LPA
Avantika UniversityINR 7-10 LPA

Top Recruiters for Graphic Design Graduates

Graphic designers can find jobs easily after graduating. Various organizations visit faculties to recruit college students. The following recruiters are actively seeking graphics designers. 

Company NameAverage Annual SalaryHighest Annual Salary
Graphic Designer, INC.INR 2,70,000INR 4,80,000
Design GroupINR 2,20,000INR 7,86,000
AccentureINR 4,50,000INR 6,14,000
Designer GraphicsINR 2,22,000INR 6,80,000
Vistaprint IncINR 1,86,000INR 2,72,000


As you can see, a Graphic Designer Salary in India varies based on company, skills, specialization, experience, and region. To boost your salary as a graphics designer, keep in mind improving your skills in undergraduate or postgraduate courses in Graphic design.

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