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Police Constable Salary 2024: UP, Delhi & Maharashtra Police

Police constables are an important part of our state and police force departments. They work under senior officers to boost the safety of the country, save people from crimes, and look at cases. If you’re thinking of becoming a police constable, understanding the job role, skills, qualifications, salary, promotions, and career growth is important. In this blog, we tell you how much a constable earns, what allowances, perks, and benefits they will get, etc. So keep reading this complete article to get information. 

Police Constable Salary in 2024

How much a constable makes depends on the job role and region of the posting. The pay scale for Constables recruited by the Staff Selection Commission GD (SSC-GD) is ₹21,700 to ₹69,100. State police departments can also provide slightly different pay scales to constables in their police force. Constables are generally part of pay level 3 and pay band 1. The basic salary for constables is around ₹39,692, in line with the month after accounting for allowances and deductions. The minimum constable pay scale and tiers go through periodic revisions according to the guidelines of the Pay Commission. The above-mentioned pay scale and salaries are according to the 7th Pay Commission.

Police Constable Salary State-Wise

As we tell you, the salary of a police constable varies with the place in which you posted. Because of the region’s infrastructure, cost of living, and other factors, their salary varies. Here we talk about the police constable’s salary location-wise 

Delhi Police Constable Salary Structure and Pay Scale

The Delhi Police Constable’s Salary varies from Rs 21,700 to Rs 69,100 Per Month. The candidates can check details of the Delhi Police Constable Salary 2024, and salary structure before joining this field. The salary includes Basic Pay, DA, HRA, TA, Ration Pay, and Grade Pay.

Pay LevelLevel 3
Pay Commission7th Pay Commission
SSC Delhi Police Constable grade payRs 2000
Basic PayRs. 21,700/month
House Rent AllowanceRs. 5208
Dearness AllowanceRs. 6076
Ration payRs. 3636
Traveling AllowanceRs. 4212
Delhi Police Constable Salary Per MonthRs. 40,842

UP Police Constable Salary Structure and Pay Scale

The basic Salary of UP Police Constable posts is Rs. 21,700/Month-. The gross repayment will lie between Rs. 30,000/- to Rs. 40,000/-per month. 

Initial Basic PayRs. 21,700/-
Pay ScaleRs. 21,700/- to Rs. 69,100/-
Grade PayRs. 2000
Pay BandRs. 5200 -20200
Gross Monthly SalaryRs. 30,000/- to Rs. 40,000/-
Annual SalaryRs. 4,20,000/- to Rs. 4,80,000/-

Maharashtra Police Constable Salary Structure and Pay Scale

Maharashtra Police Constable refers to a law enforcement officer post in the police department of the Indian state of Maharashtra, responsible for protecting people and imposing the regulations in place. The basic pay for Maharashtra Police constables ranges from Rs. 21,700/- to Rs. 63,100/Month. In Maharashtra, the grade pay for a police salary is Rs. 2,000. The pay stage for a salary is 03, and the pay scale band is PB-2 (Rs 5,200 – 20,200). Here are the complete salary details of the Maharashtra police constable 

Category Amount 
Pay Level03
Pay BandPB-1(5200-20200)
Grade Pay2000
Pay ScaleRs.21,700/- 69,100/-
Basic SalaryRs. 21,700/-
Maximum Salary Rs. 69,100/-
Dearness Allowance (DA)Rs 9104/- (42% Of Basic Pay)
House Rent Allowance (HRA)Rs 5859/- (27% Of Basic Pay)
Transport Allowance (TA)As Per Applicable
Other Work AllowanceAs Per Applicable
In Hand PaymentRs. 30979/- per month

Uttarakhand Police Constable Salary Structure and Pay Scale

Uttarakhand Police Constable is a Group C post below Level 3. Uttrakhand Police Constable’s salary lies between Rs. 21,700 to Rs. 69,100 per month. Along with this handsome pay, Constables also get the allowances and benefits. The salary structure of Uttarakhand  Police Constable is as follows.

Pay Level 
Basic PayRs. 21,700 per month
Grade Pay Rs. 1800
Dearness AllowanceRs. 3689
House Rent AllowanceRs. 5208
Traveling AllowanceRs. 4212
Ration payRs. 3636
Gross SalaryRs. 38,625

Punjab Police Constable Salary

Candidates who want to be posted at Punjab Police constable posts must undergo the 03 year training period, and the salary may be Rs. 19,900/- per month.

Basic PayINR 19,900
Dearness Allowance17 % of Basic Pay (INR 3,383)
House Rent Allowance24% (INR 5,400)
Conveyance AllowanceINR 1,579

Police Constable 2024 Perks and Allowances

According to the 7th Pay Commission Police Constable Salary Slip, applicants can even get perks and allowances together with their salary. Candidates will be subjected to those benefits after they complete their training period. The benefits are given below.

  • Dearness Allowances: This allowance is calculated as a percentage of basic salary and undergoes various revisions based on Changes in CPI.
  • Leave Encashment: Leave Encashment permits employees to transform unused paid leave days into cash. 
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA): House Rent Allowance (HRA) is given to employees to cover their apartment housing fees, specifically if they do not own a residence. The amount of HRA varies depending on factors including the worker’s city of house and is calculated as a percent of the basic salary.
  • Medical Allowance: Medical Allowance is a set amount provided to employees to cover their medical expenses, even though it is taxable.
  • Travel Allowance (TA): Travel Allowance (TA) reimburses employees for travel charges incurred at some stage in official responsibilities or business trips. It can be given as a hard and fast allowance or reimbursed primarily based on actual costs and the company’s guidelines.
  • Detachment Allowance: Detachment Allowance compensates employees for additional costs incurred when quickly working far from their ordinary place of business. It covers prices that include housing, food, and transportation, and it can be provided with a salary.
  • High Altitude Allowance: High Altitude Allowance is provided to employees working in high-altitude regions to possess health risks and soreness associated with such environments.
  • City Compensatory Allowance: City Compensatory Allowance is given to employees working  in towns with better living rates to assist them in maintaining their good lifestyle 

Skills Needed To Become A Police Constable

The following skills will let you become a constable and achieve your career.

  1. Physical health: Having good levels of health and physical stamina is vital for all constables. Besides working on subjects, constables can be required to deploy physical force to catch criminals and other suspects.
  2. Teamwork: Constables are the lowest-ranking police officers and are required to be adept at working in groups, taking action, and following suggestions from senior officers.
  3. Legal and defense information: Constables working in national police departments are required to follow the regulations properly to conduct investigations and gather proof in cases. CAPF constables can also take advantage of historical and navy information in their units.
  4. Ethics and integrity: The role of a constable carries plenty of importance in the country’s police and judicial structures. They need to fulfill the duty calls for high integrity and ethics to ensure equity and justice.

Police Constable Job Profile 2024

The job role and duties of Police Constables encompass a wide range of responsibilities. These consist of:

  • Maintaining Law and Order: As a part of the defense force, Police Constables are geared up with guns to ensure peace and the safety of citizens.
  • Ensuring Passenger Safety: The constable needs to ensure the protection of passengers and take appropriate actions to eliminate any disturbances because of criminals.
  • Safeguarding State Security:  Police Constables play a critical role in keeping the country’s peace, security, and protection.
  • Registering FIR: Constables are responsible for filling up the FIR (First Information Report) in the right way and correctly keeping all important court case-related information.
  • Assisting in Investigations: Constables guide senior police officers in investigating cases, offering help in gathering proof and solving cases.
  • Acting as Security Guards: Constables are responsible for working as protection guards, monitoring assigned territories, and taking important actions to prevent any disruptions in the absence of senior officers.
  • Administrative Tasks: Constables are responsible for completing required office work at the police station, which includes filing reports and updates to their seniors.
  • Additional Duties: Other obligations of Police Constables may also contain police verification, visitor management (if required), VIP safety, and different assigned duties.

Police Constable Promotions

To work in a Police Department, constables must follow the department’s regulations. They normally get promotions to better positions like chief constable or assistant sub-inspector (ASI) after working for years. 

Department ExamsTo be considered for the placement of Sub Inspector, applicants for the Police Constable role may also take the SSC CPO test.
SSC CPO ExamCandidates with at least 30 years of service are eligible for promotion under this technique. Candidates can improve to the rank of Assistant Sub Inspector or Sub Inspector before retiring after 5 years.
Age-based promotion Candidates with at least 30 years of service are eligible for promotion under this technique. Candidates have the possibility to improve to the rank of Assistant Sub Inspector or Sub Inspector before retiring after 5 years.

Police Constable Career Growth

When someone starts work as a Police Constable, they have opportunities to be promoted and get higher task positions. If they work for several years and establish years of service record, they can go to higher positions. Here are the career growth of a police constable and police Constable Salary.

  • Constable: This is the average degree job in the police branch. Constables carry out various duties to maintain law and order.
  • Head Constable: After gaining experience and assembly standards, a constable can be promoted to the rank of Head Constable. They have more duties and may supervise constables.
  • Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI): ASIs have higher responsibilities than constables and head constables. They help senior officers with investigations and different responsibilities.
  • Sub-Inspector: Sub-Inspectors have more authority and oversee ASIs and constables. They are responsible for dealing with cases and maintaining order in their posted regions.
  • Inspector: Inspectors are senior officers who supervise sub-inspectors and control rooms or specialized systems in the police department.
  • ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police): ACPs are responsible for overseeing more than one police station and ensuring the regulation and order in their areas.
  • DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police): DCPs are responsible for larger areas in a city or place and are responsible for handling more than one police station.
  • Additional CP (Additional Commissioner of Police): Additional CPs assist the Commissioner of Police and oversee diverse divisions or departments in the police force.
  • Joint CP (Joint Commissioner of Police): Joint CPs help in the management and coordination of regulation enforcement activities across a city or area.
  • Special Commissioner: Special Commissioners keep specialized roles in the police force, along with overseeing essential departments or dealing with demanding situations.
  • Commissioner: The Commissioner of Police is the highest-ranking officer in a city police force. They are responsible for the general management and administration of the police branch.


Being a Constable in the Police will offer you enough chances to grow in your career. Once you are permanent in the Police branch after the finishing training period of years, you’re eligible for all types of benefits, perks, and allowances. After serving a few years in the police branch, a Constable can get promotions and grow their career. But be sure to get enough information about the Police Constable salary before joining this job.  


What is the UP Police Constable Salary in 2024?

The monthly basic salary of a UP Police Constable is 21,700/ with an annual salary of INR 260,400.

What is the Delhi Police Constable Salary in 2024?

The Delhi Police Constable’s Salary varies from Rs 21,700 to Rs 69,100 Per Month.

What is the Maharashtra Police Constable Salary in 2024?

The basic pay for Maharashtra Police constables ranges from Rs. 21,700/- to Rs. 63,100/Month-.

What is the Salary of a Uttarakhand Police Constable in 2024?

Uttrakhand Police Constable’s salary lies between Rs. 21,700 to Rs. 69,100 per month.

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