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IAS Officer Salary in 2024: Per Month Salary, Allowances & Job Profile

UPSC is responsible for deciding the IAS salary, according to the 7th Grade Pay commission. The IAS salary in hand varies according to the pay scale and stage of the posts. However, the preliminary IAS officer salary is Rs 56,100 per month in pay stage 10, and the salary of an IAS officer is Rs 2,50,000 for Cabinet Secretary in pay level 18. 

Along with the pay scale, the grade pay is exclusive for each post. According to the IAS salary after the 7th pay fee, the grade pay is between Rs 5400 to Rs 10,000. Along with the attractive salary of an IAS Officer, IPS Officer, and other Grade A officers, the chosen applicants additionally get various perks, allowances, and career boom opportunities. 

In this article, we’ve shared all the details on IAS Officer Salary, IAS grade pay, pay scale, IAS in hand salary, etc for ease of the aspirants.

Who is an IAS Officer?

The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer is one of the top-ranked civil servants in India, majorly recognized for its prestigious and impactful position. IAS officers hold an administrative role at various authority levels, which includes the state and country governments.

IAS officers play a vital role in forming and imposing government policies and in the administration and governance of the country. IAS officers are known for their knowledge in administration, coverage-making, and selection-making.

What is the Salary of an IAS Officer?

Below is the basic review of the IAS Officer Salary In India and other information related to it. Apart from the good IAS salary, applicants are drawn to the satisfaction and honor of being a civil servant. They have the strength, responsibilities, and opportunities to serve the country. Additionally, IAS plays a big role in making the IAS an appealing career for youth in India. 

IAS  SalarySalary of An IAS Officer Details
IAS Starting SalaryRs 56100
Salary of IAS Officer During TrainingApprox. Rs 33,000–35,000 varies according to deductions
IAS Salary after 8 Years of ServiceRs 1,31,249 per month or Rs 15.75 lakh per year
Maximum Salary of IAS OfficerRs 2,50,000
IAS Salary Pay Commission7th Pay Commission

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IAS Officer Job Profile

The IAS officer Job profile varies from officer to officer, depending on the nature of their role. They can both be assigned a discipline activity, an activity at a state secretariat, a public quarter venture, or an activity at the secretariat. An IAS officer’s responsibilities are tracking the execution of presidency schemes and policies to respond with correct measures for dealing with risks, natural calamities, riots, or principal injuries that take place in their jurisdiction.   Administrative officers are also key players in coordinating alleviation activities through an emergency case.  

The daily work of an IAS officer normally starts at 9:00 AM and gives up through 5:00 PM.   The activities consist of increasing each day, supervising numerous obligations of the department, making discipline journeys, and solving public issues in the district they are posted in. The other conditions like emergencies or riots can put IAS officers to work more than working hours.     

The IAS officer activity profile as a district administrator might consist of responsibilities like: 

  • Managing and distributing the diverse budget allocated by the government to a specific district as per authorities schemes.
  • Handling authorities and administrative affairs, such as framing, implementing, and reviewing regulations.
  • Working with elected representatives and different government departments to efficiently enforce a scheme and make people
  • Look at matters on the needs of citizens and solve emergencies, like natural disasters, earthquakes, injuries cases, etc.

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IAS Officer Salary After the 7th Commission

The 7th Central Pay Commission introduced a new way of organizing the IAS salary, called ‘Consolidated Pay Levels,’ changing the old ‘Pay Grades for Civil Services.’ This system figures out an IAS officer’s salary especially using their ‘Basic Pay,’ after which adds different allowances like TA, DA, and HRA. For those meaning to be an IAS officer, the table below suggests the pay degree and salary for every step in IAS salary.

Per Month Salary of an IAS

  • The salary of IAS officers varies based totally on their role and rank.
  • A new IAS officer begins with a basic monthly pay of Rs. 56,100 according to 7th Grade Pay commission.
  • Initially, their monthly salary ranges from Rs. 56,100 to Rs. 1,32,000.
  • IAS officers acquire extra allowances consisting of House Rent Allowance (HRA), Dearness Allowance (DA), and Transport Allowance (TA).
  • The month-to-month salary increases with years of service and each promotional milestone.
  • At the very best stage, the Cabinet Secretary of India, after 37+ years of service as an IAS officer, receives around Rs 250,000 per month.
  • IAS Post wise salary according to 7th Grade Pay Commission
  • The salary of a high-level IAS officer after clearing the competitive exam and the training is Rs. 56,100, except for the HRA, DA, and TA. The salaries will be increasing with the increasing years of their service and promotions.
  • The Cabinet secretary has the very best salary with grade pay 18 at the same time as the District Magistrate (DM) is the most famous function for an IAS officer. The table below shows the basic salary of the IAS officers as per their post, the required years of service, and the pay level.
PostPay LevelYears of ServiceBasic Pay
SDM, Undersecretary101-4Rs 56,100
ADM, Deputy Secretary115-8Rs 67,700
District Magistrate, Joint Secretary129-12Rs 78,800
District Magistrate, Director1313-16Rs 1,18,500
Divisional Commissioner, Secretary1416-24Rs 1,44,200
Divisional Commissioner, Principal Secretary1525-30Rs 1,82,200
Additional Chief Secretary1630-33Rs 2,05,400
Chief Secretary and Secretary1734-36Rs 2,25,000
Cabinet Secretary of India1837+Rs 2,50,000

IAS Officer’s Salary Grade Pay

The IAS officer’s Salary Slip according to month is split into 8 grades with specific pay scales and grade pay. Each level is related to the years of service required.

  • Junior Scale – The IAS Pay Scale is 50,000 – 1,50,000 with 16,500 Grade Pay. This is entry-level, and no years of service are required.
  • Senior Time Scale – 50,000 – 1,50,001 Pay Scale with Grade Pay of Rs. 20,000. 5 years of service are anticipated.
  • Junior Administrative Grade – Pay Scale of Rs. 50,000 – 1,50,002 with Rs. 23,000 of Grade Pay. The years of service required is 9 years.

The highest degree is Cabinet Secretary Grade, with a 2,50,000 (Fixed) pay scale and ranging years of service.

IAS Officer Allowances

There are several allowances granted to an IAS officer that are a part of the total salary. The allowances are of different types– House Rent Allowance (HRA), Dearness Allowance (DA), Travel Allowance (TA), etc. This means that the gross month-to-month salary is as follows:

Salary of an IAS officer (Gross Salary) = Basic monthly pay + Allowances.  

Let’s get to understand them one by one.  

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HRA (House Rent Allowances)

An IAS officer is eligible to receive an HRA if he/ she requires a rented home at the region of his/her posting, which also depends on the form of posting allocated. To understand it, here are a few points you should read

  • The HRA of an IAS officer is 24% of the Basic Salary if he gets posted in one of the 8 metro cities in India, specifically Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Pune. 
  • If the IAS officer gets posted into smaller cities with a population of above 5 lakhs, then he’s eligible for an HRA of 16% 
  • If the IAS officer receives a posted right in a rural place, then he’s eligible for an HRA of 8% 

In case an IAS officer chooses to live in an expensive home, he/ she isn’t eligible to receive HRA. 

DA (Dearness Allowances)

The DA is an allowance that the government can pay to its employees to offset the results of inflation and help them address the rising prices.

  • DA started from 0% after the 7th pay commission recommendation and it stands at 31%. This issue is linked to inflation. 
  • DA is revised twice a year primarily based on the advice of the Cabinet Committee chaired by the Prime Minister. 

TA (Travel Allowances)

The TA is credited by authorities with the money owed by the IAS officers to assist them meet their travel prices.

  • The TA isn’t static. It modifications once in a while, relying on the upward thrust and fall of transportation charges.  
  • However, if an IAS officer is given a central authority vehicle, then he/she doesn’t acquire any TA.  
  • Apart from this, different allowances additionally include medical costs, electricity bills, water bills, mobile payments, pensions and retirement benefits, etc.

IAS Officer Other Facilities 

Along with a handsome salary and a number of allowances, an IAS officer enjoys different facilities as well. Here are the facilities that IAS officers can get

  • Place of house: An IAS officer gets the allocated house with no rent. Other services, such as cooks, maids, safety guards, and gardeners, are made available to them.   
  • High Security: Officers are ensured with the safety of safety guards for themselves and their house.   
  • Subsidized bills and Transport: A subsidy allotted on the supply of water, power, gasoline and wifi connection for the officers. Also, they’ve facilitated motors with a driver for functions.   
  • Trips: Officers can get tour packages from the government. On every occasion, officers can visit Delhi or can use the accommodation facility in their nation, Bhavan.    
  • Leaves: Officers apply leave for 2- 4 years to pursue any course in abroad universities, the fee of that’s given by authorities. 
  • Job protection: Since the procedure to call an IAS officer for investigation is mandated by the charter, consequently, an officer experiences this advantage of job protection.  
  • Post-retirement blessings: IAS officers can also be appointed to tribunals, commissions, and consulting groups after retirement. Lifetime pension and other retirement benefits also are given.  


The salary of an Indian Administrative Service Officer (IAS) depends on the post at which they are recruited. The in-hand salary varies based on the officer’s post, years of service, and the post location. It may be stated that the salary of an IAS officer is competitive and attractive. In fact, with salary, IAS officers can get several allowances and perks.

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