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NSG Commando Salary: Salary Structure, Selection Process, Eligibility & Job Description

NSG, known as the National Security Guard, is a special force of the Indian Government and the Official Portal nsg.gov.in. It was formed in 1984 to fight terrorism and protect the country against any attacks. NSG commando salary and they are quite skilled and trained experts who go through training in marksmanship, near-quarter combat, counter-terrorism, and hostage rescue.

NSG Commandos get a better salary than the common soldier in the Indian military because of their specialized education and the high-risk nature of their activity. The salary of NSG Commandos varies primarily based on their rank and experience.

For example, an NSG Commando Assistant Commandant, that is the entry-level rank, can earn a simple salary of Rs. 56,100 to Rs. 1,77,500 per month. In contrast, the starting salary for an Indian Army Soldier is around Rs. 21,000 per month. The allowances that NSG Commandos achieve, which encompass the Risk and Hardship Allowance and Uniform Allowance, are also higher than those of lower-level soldiers in Indian armed forces.

What is the National Security Guard (NSG)

If you’re not well-versed with the National Security Guards (NSG), it’s crucial to know that they were installed in 1984 as a specialized commando. Their key functions include dealing with terrorism and wearing out inner security operations. They fall under the authority of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and have been first of all based totally on “Operation Blue Star”, with the purpose of protecting the country from inner disruptions as a result of any terrorist threats.

The NSG is a counter-terrorism force designed to react in top-notch situations, geared up to cope with unstable conditions and hold the safety of the nation. Their abilities expand in responding to any form of threat supposed to cope with it, and they’ll be properly skilled for various duties. These duties vary from handling air and water hijacking conditions to bomb disposal, undertaking placed-up-blast investigations, and acting in hostage rescue operations.

Indian NSG (Black Cat Commando) Commando Salary

The average annual salary for an NSG commando is INR 10,00,000, even though the NSG commando salary in India is INR 80,000 – 30,00,000. Depending on a police officer’s or soldier’s rank, the Para Commando salary may also vary.

An NSG commando (Black Cat Commando) earns an identical salary as another military officer in the Indian army. The NSG commandos’ distinct training and credentials earn them pretty worthwhile allowances and pay, that is a distinction. Below is the common NSG Commando Salary based on rank.

Salary of NSG Commando

RankNSG Commando Salary
Director GeneralINR 2,00,000 – 3,00,000/Month
Additional Director GeneralINR 1,50,000 – 2,00,000/Month
Inspector GeneralINR 1,35,000 – 1,50,000/Month
Deputy InspectorINR 1,25,000 – 1,35,000/Month
Group CommanderINR 1,00,000 – 1,25,000/Month
Squadron CommanderINR 90,000 – 1,00,000/Month
Team CommanderINR 80,000 – 90,000/Month
Assistant Commander Grade IINR 70,000 – 80,000/Month
Assistant Commander Grade IIINR 65,000 – 70,000/Month
Assistant Commander Grade IIIINR 60,000 – 65,000/Month
Ranger Grade IINR 55,000 – 60,000/Month
Ranger Grade IIINR 50,000 – 60,000/Month
Combatised TradesmanINR 30,000 – 40,000/Month

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NSG Commando Allowances and Salary Slip Structures

In addition to their basic salary, NSG Commandos are entitled to numerous allowances, together with

Dearness Allowance (DA): This allowance is paid to reduce the effect of inflation on the cost of living. The DA is currently set at 17% of the basic salary.

House Rent Allowance (HRA): NSG commandos who do not live in government-given accommodation are eligible for HRA. The amount of HRA is primarily based on the region of the NSG commando’s posting. In cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata, the HRA is 24% of the simple salary.

Transport Allowance: This allowance is paid to NSG Commandos to cover the cost of transportation. The amount of transport allowance relies upon the rank of the NSG Commando and is about Rs. 7200 to Rs. 15,750 per month.

Medical Allowance: NSG Commandos are eligible for medical treatment for themselves and their dependents. The medical allowance covers the price of medical treatment and is set at Rs. 1000 per month.

Risk and Hardship Allowance: NSG Commandos are often deployed in regions that can be deemed to be high-risk. The Risk and Hardship Allowance is paid to compensate NSG Commandos for the risks and hardships that they face even on duty. The amount of this allowance is about Rs. 9000 per month.

Uniform Allowance: NSG Commandos are required to wear a particular uniform at the same time as on duty. The Uniform Allowance is paid to cover the cost of buying and keeping this uniform. The amount of this allowance is about Rs. 14,000 per annum.

Leave Travel Concession (LTC): NSG Commandos are eligible for LTC, which is a travel allowance that may be used to visit their home city or any location in India. The amount of this allowance is set at Rs. 20,000 per annum.

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Factors Determining NSG Commando Salary in India

The factors that decide an NSG commando salary can vary depending on quite a number of factors, along with:

  • Experience: An NSG commando stage of experience can play a big role in determining their salary. Officers with more years of experience are normally paid more than individuals who are freshers.
  • Education and Training: Guards with specialized training or training in regions that include regulation enforcement, emergency control, or counter-terrorism may be paid more than the ones without such qualifications.
  • Job Location: The area of a job can also affect an NSG commando salary. Guards working in high-risk regions or in cities with better living expenses can be paid properly.
  •  Job Duties: The National Safety Guard’s unique duties also can affect their salary. Guards who are in charge of more complex or risky duties, which include protecting high-profile people or securing sensitive facilities, may be paid more.
  • Company Size: The size of the safety agency also can have an impact on the salary of a national security guard. Larger corporations are able to provide more high pay and benefits packages than smaller groups.

The salary of an NSG commando is determined through various factors and might vary extensively depending on the specifics of the process.

Skills Required to Become NSG Commando

NSG Commando Salary

A commando from the National Security Guard (NSG) is a relatively skilled and skilled member of India’s elite counter-terrorism force. To become the NSG commando, one needs to have a range of physical, mental, and tactical abilities. Here are the skills required to become an NSG commando

  • Physical health: NSG commandos must be in extremely good physical health and stamina because they need to deal with long missions in tough environments.
  •  Marksmanship: NSG commandos need to be skilled with loads of firearms and have super marksmanship skills. They should be able to purpose correctly and quickly below strain.
  • Combat Training: NSG commandos need to be skilled in hand-to-hand fighting and near-zone warfare techniques. They need to be able to deal with multiple attackers at the same time.
  • Tactical skills: NSG commandos must be able to think on their feet and have strong tactical skills. They must be capable of quickly verifying situations and making selections that could imply the difference between life and death.
  • Communication talents: NSG commandos have to be able to speak with their crew contributors as well as different regulation enforcement agencies. They need to make plans and carry out missions in an efficient and effective manner.
  •  Mental strength: NSG commandos should have exquisite mental strength and the ability to remain calm and focused in maximum risky and worrying situations.
  • Language abilities: NSG commandos need to be fluent in numerous languages, consisting of English, Hindi, and the local language of the city in which they’re deployed.
  • Medical skills: NSG commandos need to be trained in simple, useful resources and medical processes so that they will offer emergency medical care to their group members and civilians during an emergency.

Becoming an NSG commando required commitment, huge determination, and willpower to fulfill duties.

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How to Become an NSG Commando

To become the NSG commando, the candidates should go through the following parts, like training, and meet the eligibility criteria. Here is the eligibility to become an NSG commando

1) Pre-selection Training

Pre-choice training is more than the shortlisting of the eligible applicants for the next stages. Following are the Pre-choice training standards:

  • For a candidate from the Indian Navy, you need 3 years of experience, and 5 years for a person coming from the police force.
  • The candidate’s age should not be above 35 years old.
  • The candidate must meet the standard physical and medical requirements.
  •  In the shortlisting process, various physiological and physical exams are also performed.

2) Qualification Training

Qualification training is crucial training for 3 months, observed by advanced training for 9 months. The following are the qualification training criteria:

• Activities like preventing in high conditions and leaping from heights are executed to make sure that they are able to perform under force.

• The selection gets difficult here, and the selection rate is about 70-80%.

3) Final Advanced Training

The final advanced training lasts for 9 months with in-depth activities. Following are the final advanced training standards:

  • Candidates undergo activities like surveillance, bomb defuse, unarmed combat, reflex training, etc
  •  Candidates completing each the basic and superior training are selected for NSG and furnished additional training.
  • Basic and advanced education is held at the National Security Guard education center in Manesar, Haryana.

Roles and Responsibilities of a National Security Guard Commando (NSG)

NSG operatives undertake quite a few protection responsibilities. Here is an overview of their basic duties

 1) Carry out counter-terrorism operations

NSG commandos go through extensive training throughout their service period. They cope with terrorist activities and undertake counter-terrorism operations in all components of the country. There are diverse agencies amongst NSG with separate duties. Among those, counter-terrorism is the domain of 51 SAG and 11 SRG. These devices spread out to comprise any threats to national safety in any part of the country. Counter-terrorism is the primary recognition of the NSG system.

2) Complete hostage rescue

NSG conducts hostage rescue operations and trains its operatives for complex hostage conditions. Education helps them to plot the maximum efficient techniques. In the past, NSG has additionally supplied protection to numerous political VIPs who needed protection, although NSG is not tasked with the VIP security element. It is now a committed counter-terrorism and anti-hijacking force.

3) Detect and defuse explosives

NSG retailers are trained for situations involving IEDDs (improvised explosive tool disposal). The training includes attempting to find explosives, detecting threat ranges, and neutralizing the threat. Post-training, NSG operatives can solve complex operations related to bomb threats. They are also liable for carrying out investigations after blasts, amassing, and giving proof.

 4) Handle hijacking conditions

NSG additionally handles hijacking conditions and rescue operations. NSG commandos have the skillset ideal for such high-intensity situations, and they can perform anti-hijacking missions in-air and on land. Operation Ashwamedh is an example of how NSG successfully resolved a hijacking. The 52 SAG unit of NSG specializes in dealing with anti-hijacking operations.


NSG Commandos are educated experts who spend their lives on the road to protect the country. Due to their excellent skills, the Indian authorities offer a competitive salary and allowance packages to them. The salary of NSG Commandos is primarily based on their rank and experience, and they’re entitled to several allowances, such as DA, HRA, Transport Allowance, Medical Allowance, Risk and Hardship Allowance, and Uniform Allowances.


what is the salary of an NSG commando in 2024?

The average annual salary for an NSG commando is INR 10,00,000. It is based on seniority and experience.

what is the salary of the NSG commando per month?

NSG Commando has several posts and their salaries vary accordingly. As a “Combatised Tradesman” (Lowest post in NSG), A person can earn up to 30-40k/month, and the highest post as director general can earn up to 3 lakh/month.

What is the full form of NSG?

NSG, in full form, is the National Security Guard.

What is the transport allowance in NSG Commando’s salary?

The amount of transport allowance relies upon the rank of the NSG Commando and is about Rs. 7200 to Rs. 15,750 per month.

What is the medical allowance in NSG Commando Salary?

The medical allowance covers the price of medical treatment and is set at Rs. 1000 per month.

How can join NSG after the 12th?

It takes a few procedures to join the National Security Guard (NSG) after 12th grade. Prior to anything else, you must finish your 12th-grade schooling with at least 50% of your total points. Following that, you can apply to undergraduate programs in engineering, medicine, or any other area related to security and defense. You can begin getting ready for the Union Public Service Commission’s (UPSC) Combined Defence Services (CDS) exam while you’re still a bachelor’s student. You will be eligible to interview with the Service Selection Board (SSB) if you pass the CDS exam. You can enlist in the Indian Armed Forces after passing the medical exam and SSB interview. After serving for a few years in the armed forces and fulfilling the requirements established by the

How is NSG selected?

The selection process is rigorous, with a 70–80% dropout rate. The NSG offers a 14-month training program divided into three sections. During the pre-selection phase, the trainees’ eligibility is evaluated through a battery of tests pertaining to their physical and mental capacities.

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