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Data Analyst Salary in India 2024: Job Profile, Description and Responsibilities

Data Analysis is increasing in demand and has become the most high-in-demand job in the world. As a result, a Data Analyst’s salary in India is considered better than that of different software program-associated experts. 

Data analysts use mathematical and analytical strategies to transform data into valuable insights that drive informed business decisions. As the extent of data available to companies grows, the need for valuable data analysts to research and interpret it also increases.

Thus, when you have the required skill set and are equipped to keep yourself up to date, your career as a Data Analyst is expected to grow more and more. The data analyst salaries range according to the skills of the analyst.

Who is a Data Analyst & what do they do?

Data Analysts are specialists who convert numbers, data, and figures into plain English for everybody to understand. There’s constantly a growing scope for Data Analysts at the place of the job, and it can be a good career for those who have a good knowledge of arithmetic, data, computer technology, or business backgrounds. This position includes data mining and fluency in languages like SQL, Python, etc. To extract valuable insights from the data sets as well as channeling those ideas via visualizations and reviews.

A Data Analyst gathers, uses, and interprets data to transform it into valuable business insights that can be used to enhance business operations and foster data-driven choice-making. This job role includes using the data, reading it, and interpreting data. The growing demand for data analysts is growing the data analyst salary in India.

Skills Required for the Profile of a Data Analyst 

To become the data analysts, here are the skills that candidates must required 

  • Solid Domain Understanding

Data Analytics abilities help in problem-solving. They want to understand the variables in a business, the stages that they could potentially pass to bring about a considerable effective trade, the outside and inner factors that affect its boom, and model all necessary decisions for that reason. Business expertise is an important skill you should have to become a data analyst and affects the data analyst salary in India.

  • Analytical Skills

When it involves analytical skills, a Data Analyst performs a crucial role in interpreting complicated data. Your ability to convert this data into valuable insights is important to improving business operations. High analytical skills allow you to determine styles, developments, and relationships in data, in the long run, guiding strategic selection-making.

  • Mathematics & Data

Objective decision-making skills are important for you to become a data analyst. To be capable of making decisions objectively you have to depend upon Mathematics and Data. You need to find patterns, segments, and make predictions on the basis of historical data. You will need to make prediction algorithms, class, and use algorithms to get possible solutions.

  • Technical Skills

You can discover and solve a problem by using domain understanding and mathematical abilities. But most businesses aren’t so simple. Data analysts need to undergo the skillset, use their technical skills and algorithms at scale. 

  • Soft Skills

Last but not least, in data analytics skills, you must be able to communicate your solution in the simplest way to the stakeholders. They won’t know anything about KS Data, root mean square mistakes, or your use set of rules; however, this is in which your skills are available. 

  • Problem-Solving Skills

As a data analyst, you need robust problem-solving skills. These skills will permit you to investigate numbers, developments, and data to attract meaningful conclusions. By doing so, you could provide valuable insights and address challenging and demanding situations of business. Developing and nurturing your hassle-solving competencies is essential for achievement in this field.

Data Analyst Salary in India

The data analyst salaries range from Rs. 342,363/year to Rs. 1,750,000/ year. As the upward push in data has extensively increased as compared to previous years, the demand for a data analyst has improved. Therefore, a data analyst salary for a more experienced will be an excellent start in India. It is to be stated that the salary of a data analyst relies upon many factors, including Experience, skills, location, and enterprise. 

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Factors Affect Data Analyst Salary in India

Data Analyst salaries in India are based on multiple factors. Let’s see a few number-one salary-affecting elements.

Data Analyst Salary: Based on Experience

Experience plays a vital role in finalizing the salary slip of a data analyst. One’s Experience in the subject depicts more knowledge, wise solutions, agile operating, and leadership abilities to educate others. Therefore, an analyst in the industry for more than 3 years can get a higher salary than a fresher data analyst. The basic pay structure for data analysts primarily based on Experience is as follows.

  • Entry Level (> 1 year of experience) – Rs. 342,363/year
  • Early Career (1-4 years of Experience) – Rs. 422,408/year
  • Mid- Career (5-9 years of Experience) –  Rs. 690,734/year
  • Experienced  (>10 years of experience) – Rs. 942,653 to Rs. 1,750,000/year 

Data Analyst Salary: Based on Location

The salary of a data analyst might be different if placed in Mumbai from the data analyst’s salary in Bangalore. This is because the place is among one of the factors affecting the data analyst’s salary. Every town or state has a different cost of living and demand for a career, and hence, the pay differs.  

  • Bangalore

The basic data analyst salary in Bangalore is Rs. 516,455. According to my experience, the salary of a data analyst in Bangalore is

FresherRs. 414,487
Early YearRs. 501,674
Mid-YearRs. 814,284
ExperiencedRs. 1,194,813
  • New Delhi

The average salary of a data analyst in New Delhi is Rs. 407,672. Based on Experience, the data analyst’s salary in New Delhi is

FresherRs. 333,639
Early YearRs. 407,245
Mid-YearRs. 704,690
ExperiencedRs. 712,155
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra

The average basic pay for a data analyst in Mumbai is Rs. 406,409. The salary of a Data Analyst in Mumbai, according to Experience, is

FresherRs. 318,655
Early YearRs. 405,823
Mid-YearRs. 595,339
ExperiencedRs. 775,258
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu 

The basic data analyst salary in Chennai is Rs. 410,431. According to my experience, the average salary of a data analyst in Chennai is

FresherRs. 323,612
Early YearRs. 396,086
Mid-YearRs. 732,535
ExperiencedRs. 1,100,000

Data Analyst Salary: Based on Skills

The salary of data analysts also depends on their skills. When they are posted early on a data analyst’s job with no experience and have few skills, they get less salary. With time, when they improve their skills and gain experience, their salaries increase. Here are the skills-wise salaries of data analyst

Skills RequiredAVERAGE PAY/year (in Rs)
Data Quality SkillsRs. 364K – Rs2M
Database Management & Reporting SkillsRs. 219K – Rs1M
SQLRs. 251K – Rs1M
Statistical Analysis SkillsRs. 211K – Rs1M
Microsoft ExcelRs. 198K – Rs799K
PythonRs. 289K – Rs1M
Web Analytical SkillsRs. 0 – Rs750K

Data Analyst Salary: Based on Employer

Different organizations and employers have different requirements in mind when hiring a data analyst. Based on the company’s position in the market, the job role, and the abilities required, the salary of a data analyst is set by the organization as well. Here are the Top 10 organizations that hire Data Analysts in India.

  • Flipkart
  • Cognizant 
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Accenture
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Capgemini India Pvt ltd
  • Infosys
  • Genpact
  • LatentView Analytics
  • Novartis

The basic salary for data analysts in India, based on organization, is

AccentureRs. 289K – Rs. 1M
Tata Consultancy ServicesRs. 254K – Rs. 784K
FlipkartRs. 302K – Rs. 1M
CognizantRs. 307K – Rs. 2M
Capgemini India Pvt LtdRs. 235K – Rs. 632K
Tech MahindraRs. 175K – Rs. 500K
GenpactRs. 182K – Rs. 560K
LatentView AnalyticsRs. 446K – Rs. 680K
NovartisRs. 562K – Rs. 1M
InfosysRs. 294K – Rs. 766K

Data Analyst Job Roles

In a company where data analysts work, there are several job roles for them. Here are the job roles of data analysts

  • Data Analyst

Data Analysts in an organization extract data for groups and convert them into valuable insights, patterns, developments, and many others. They use the data efficiently and help businesses in procedures and making informative decisions.  

  • Data Scientist

Data Scientists need to set up diverse algorithms to get valuable insights like trends and relationships in datasets after accumulating data, studying it, and interpreting huge amounts of data. They need to have a good grip on Maths, Data, and programming understanding to make the process complete.

  • Data Engineer

Data Engineers are responsible for designing and engineering a reliable infrastructure that Data Scientists can use. These specialists convert raw data and established and unstructured data for extra operational and analytical uses.

Job Responsibilities of Data Analysts

Here are the various job responsibilities of data analysts 

  • Analyzing Trends and Patterns: Data Analysts need to predict and forecast what may also take place in the future, which will be very beneficial in wise decision-making for the agencies. In this condition, a data analyst plays a vital role to identify the tendencies that have come with time. 
  • Creating and Designing Data Report: The reports given by data scientists are important for the decision-making of an organization. Data scientists will need to create the data report and design it in an organized way that is very easily understandable by the selection maker. Data may be represented in many ways, like pie charts, graphs, charts, diagrams, and many more. Reporting of Data can also be carried out in the form of a table relying on the nature of data to be proven.
  • Deriving precious insights from the Data: The Data Analysts will need to derive beneficial and meaningful insights from the package of Data to deliver a few benefits to the company. The enterprise is able to use those significant and unique insights to make the best selection for the achievement of their enterprise.
  • Collection, Processing, and Summarizing of Data: A Data Analyst has first to accumulate the data, after which method uses the data, after which summarizes the data to be understood without problems. The summarized data can inform about the traits and patterns, which is a good way to be used to expect matters and forecast. Data Analyst’s salary in India relies on their job responsibilities. 

Future Scope as Data Analyst in India

Companies need to make sure that their data is kept updated. This demands for regular updates, attention, and knowledge of large amounts of data. Professionals who have data in analytics are essential in terms of adjusting the business trends of an agency, helping it to stay ahead of the competition.

The scope of data analytics in India consists of various sectors, including banking, policing, healthcare, e-trade, power, telecommunication, fraud detection, and chance control.

Companies together with JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, Ernst & Young, Wipro, Adobe, Accenture, Flipkart, AIG, Vodafone, and Deloitte have a number of openings for Data Analysts.


Despite few IT companies showing a lower trend in the data analysts’ salaries, the demand for data scientists and analysts are going upward, because of the amount of data presented on line and keeping the competitive market. As the salaries across the analytical skills increase, the number of jobs also increases, which brings opportunities for skilled candidates.  

The opportunities for Data Analytics are currently at their top in India. With the large amount of data being generated by groups and the supply of data and tools to extract it – and the demand to gain insights from it are increasing. It consists of the upward push in Data Analyst’s salary and Data Scientists salary India.

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