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What is the Starting Salary of a Veterinary Doctor?

Pets are considered one of the most wholesome things in this world. We all love our pets to the core, and with pets, we become a little more carefree. However, we must maintain a standard where Veterinary Doctor can provide all the necessities to our pets, and veterinary doctors help us in this process. They are specialized medical doctors with degrees in veterinary practice who treat our pets and provide them with regular health checkups. However, if you’re planning to become a veterinary doctor, then you might be interested in knowing this occupation’s salary structure. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary details about the salary of veterinary doctors, qualifications, skills, jobs, etc. 

How Much Does a Veterinary Doctor Make? 

If you are planning to opt for veterinary medicine, you might be assuming the salary in this occupation. So, your question answers that a Veterinary Doctor earns up to ₹ 43,425 per month. However, this might differ from place to place. The experience, specialization and higher qualifications add some other amount to your salary. Moreover, below, we have provided you with the salary based on the position in veterinary medicine:

Veterinary surgeon₹ 49,147 per month
Veterinary doctor₹43, 425 per month
Veterinary officer₹59, 680 per month
Animal caretaker₹22, 320 per month
Livestock development officer₹65, 968 per month
Breeder₹3 77,608 per month
Veterinary pathologist₹32, 607 per month

However, the salary rate depends upon the work location, which is one of the most important factors because it will provide customers to you. Usually, there are significantly fewer veterinary clinics, so people have to visit far away. Please open the clinic in an area surrounded by all the necessities. The places where you will find various pet owners are potentially tremendous and beneficial and even improve your status. 

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What do Veterinary Doctors Do? 

Veterinary doctors are specialized doctors who treat animals and look after their health problems. They have a veterinary science degree and are a great pillar in improving the animals. Here are some of the typical duties and responsibilities of the veterinary doctors. 

Prevention of Diseases

Veterinarian doctors provide pet owners with brief knowledge about ailments and diseases to protect their pets from any issue affecting their health. Even animals suffer from the issue of obesity, and with better diet and exercise, we can prevent the animals from this issue. However, another common animal issue is Rabies, which might occur due to contact with other stray animals. Lack of hygiene may eventually cause the issue of infection. Moreover, the owners are advised to maintain a hygienic environment and get their vaccinations on time to prevent the animals from this issue. 


The main work of veterinary doctors is to protect the animals from diseases and provide a complete diagnosis. As humans, the ailment in animals is also done with lots of knowledge and experience. Animals cannot use words to express their discomfort, so the Veterans must provide a better and more specific diagnosis. 

Treatment of Illnesses

The veterinary doctor helps find the cause of the illness and provides the reason behind the disease and how it can be prevented with the best medicine. However, the treatment may vary from surgeries to medications or supplements. 

Equipment Maintenance

Like any typical medical clinic, veterinary clinics must maintain all the technological, medical, and surgical equipment. Some of the treatment equipment includes X–rays, Stethoscopes, ultrasound machines, etc. This equipment needs a lot of care so that one should be prevented from rusting or breaking. They need to perform regular activities to avoid the veterinary equipment from anything harmful. 

Record Keeping and Documentation

Veterinarians are responsible for recording and documenting. They have to record details like the treatment of animals, details of animals, type of treatment, result, details of the owner, etc. 

Spaying and Neutering Animals

Many pet owners don’t want their pets to reproduce, so the owners make their pets sterile through spaying and neutering. Through this method, the veterinarian can sterile the pet with utmost care so that they can take all the necessary measures required for the post-treatment. 

Education and Promotion

Veterinary doctors work hard to provide better education to educate individuals about hygiene, routine checkups, etc. It is necessary to ensure that the animal is in good health and having a great time in its lifespan. This can be done nicely by providing the required details and measures to the animal owners regarding the hygiene of the animal. This practice can be done anyway, regardless of the position and popularity of the doctor. 

How to Become a Veterinary Doctor? 

How to Become a Veterinary Doctor

The first thing you have to own is that you must have a great love for animals, whether pets or stray animals. If you meet this requirement, then pursuing veterinary medicine is worthwhile. This medical field has the same level of importance as standard medical studies. However, if you’re planning to become a veterinary doctor, then you can follow the below-given steps to become a veterinary doctor:

  1. Complete your education qualification

To become a veterinary doctor, you should follow the criteria below:

  • 10+2 with science

Science is the essential and foremost part of becoming a veterinary doctor. You have to pursue science with biology with 60 % marks. It is necessary to acquire higher studies in this field. 

  • NEET entrance test

NEET is a test that is primarily conducted in the medical field. It would help if you qualified for this entrance examination to be a part of the country’s recognized university. The higher the marks, the better college you’ll likely get. 

  • BVSc or AH courses

The foremost step for becoming a veterinary doctor is to pursue a Bachelor of Veterinary Science or animal husbandry degree. This is the essential study through which you’ll learn to treat the animals better and more specialized. Moreover, animal husbandry helps the animals by providing them with care and all the essential elements necessary for survival. 

  • Practitioner’s license

After completing all the necessary qualifications discussed above, one should apply for a license from the government, which will help you become an authorized veterinary doctor. 

  1. Enhance your qualification

Individuals who are interested in becoming a veterinary doctor can accomplish these qualifications so that they can enhance their performance. Pursuing a PhD or higher studies will help add a status to your education. Moreover, it also helps in understanding the nature of animals. However, here are the subjects that you can study: 

  • Veterinary gynecology and obstetrics
  • Animal genetics and breeding
  • Veterinary surgery and radiology
  • Veterinary parasitology and veterinary pathology
  • Animal nutrition
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Veterinary Microbiology

The science fields mentioned below hugely depend on the type of veterinary studies you want to pursue and your interest. 

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Skills Required to Become a Veterinary Doctor

Veterinary doctors are magicians who help animals with crucial diseases and provide a peaceful life. If you plan to become a veterinary doctor, you should be skilled in the points given below. Moreover, you must be a better and specialized doctor so that you can save more and more animals. 

Diagnostic Capabilities

Veterinary doctors have tremendous diagnostic capabilities as they detect diseases or symptoms we usually do not notice. Moreover, they also provide reason and medication along with the checkups.

Clinical Expertise

The essential part of becoming a veterinary doctor is having specialized training and knowledge about the treatment to achieve remarkable growth. 

Teamwork Abilities

There are various places where veterinary doctors work in huge hospitals and clinics and have to communicate with the huge staff, including doctors, assistants, etc. So it is necessary to maintain teamwork. 

Connect with Animals

Animals are unlike humans and cannot use verbal tones to define their discomfort or issues. Hence, veterinary doctors must understand the problems with their behavioral changes. Moreover, you must be good at making these changes to comfort the animal. 

Communication Skills

Veterinary doctors must communicate with the pet owners and educate them about various matters. Hence, you must have good communication skills to provide brief knowledge to the owners. 

Analytical Skills

Analytical skills are necessary in that they have to serve and analyze the type of problem, its solution, and the way of treatment. This way, they can measure how beneficial their treatment is and how they can improve their skills. 

Type of veterinary doctors

You might see various types of veterinary doctors based on the science they want to pursue their career in. However, they become more specialized and skilled doctors when they want to achieve higher studies. Here are the types of veterinary doctors that we see around us.

  • Companion animal veterinary doctors

These veterinary doctors work in small clinics and hospitals and have good knowledge of treating dogs, cats, cows, etc.

  • Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary assistants are veterans who work under specialized veterinary surgeons to gain more knowledge and skills. 

  • Food animal veterinary doctors

These animals are the types of doctors who specialize in treating the animals consumed by humans, such as hens, cattle, sheep, etc. 

  • Research veterinarians

These veterinary doctors especially do the job of testing and researching the medicines and treatments to improve them later. 


Pets are considered an essential part of any pet lover, and having a pet is considered a blessing in itself. Veterinary doctors are considered necessary when you own a pet because they are responsible for providing better health to our pets and providing brief knowledge to the pet owners. So, if there are no veterinary doctors, it might be tough for us to maintain the health of our pets. 


How much does a Veterinary Doctor earn? 

On average, a Veterinary Doctor earns a monthly salary of Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 50,0000. The average annual income of vet doctors is Rs. 4-6 lakhs. 

What qualification is required to become a veterinary Doctor? 

To become a veterinary Doctor, you need to qualify for class 12th from PCB and clear the NEET exam. 

What are the fields that we can choose under the Veterinary medicine course? 

Vet doctors can specialize in the following fields: 
Veterinary gynecology and obstetrics
Animal genetics and breeding
Veterinary surgery and radiology
Veterinary parasitology and veterinary pathology
Animal nutrition
Veterinary medicine
Veterinary Microbiology

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