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Web Developer Salary in India 2024: In-hand Salary, Job Profile and Description

The demand for Web Development is increasing day by day and The average Web Developer Salary degrees between 3.0 Lakhs to Rs7.0 Lakhs in India. However, with extensive growth in years of experience, the Web Developer Salary can go as much as INR 9.7 LPA.  This includes developing user interfaces on websites, putting servers for website functions, and coding for operating systems. This specialized area is in great demand all over the world and opens the door to significant career advancement.

Thinking about how a new career should lead you provides excitement towards your plans. Selecting a town that gives great possibilities for a career boom, handsome salary, and job stability is crucial. Salaries for web developers differ from one place to another. 

Who Is a Web Developer?

A web developer handles the work of programming and developing the websites. Web developers can either work on the front end or back end, however full-stack web developers work on each end. The roles and obligations of web developers and web designers can overlap. While web developers look at the functioning of technical elements of web development, web designers work on its appearance side.

The jobs handled by web developers salary may vary in complexity, depending on the job, i.e., whether or not they want to perform the development of simple web pages or want to create online web software with more than one layer.

Web Development Overview

To begin with, web development is split into front-end development and back-end development. Front-end development is what is seen on the client side, and back-end development is what happens on the server side. Front-end development consists of the lot that a user sees when a website is loaded, for example, the content, design, and functions. For front-end development, 3 languages are important—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

HyperText Markup Language or HTML is the markup language that may be used to create a web page or web software, and bureaucracy is the backbone of each web page. Cascading Style Sheets or CSS helps in styling web pages and may be taken into consideration for the design of the web. JavaScript provides capability and interactivity to web pages. Back-end development occurs backstage and is not visible to customers. It enables the front end, by maintaining technology. This can be accomplished by various languages and frameworks, which include:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Java
  • Node.Js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Perl

Average Salary of Web Developer in India

For Freshers, In the web developer career, the salary base depends on skills, knowledge, and experience. With the addition of abilities and work handles/ work experience, the salary ranges increase.

The average salary for a mid-level skilled web developer salary is around Rs. 3,00,000 per annum. For skilled web developers, the average web developer salary estimate is around Rs. 8,00,000 per annum. The profession of web development is growing and becoming one of the most popular jobs in India.

Web Developer Salary in India Based on Experience 

The first and most important thing that affects the basic salary of a web developer in India is their experience in the company. Here is a table of the Web Developer’s Salary in India, according to their experience 

ExperienceAverage Salary of a Web Developer
Less than 1 yearRs2,94,000 LPA
1-4 yearsRs3,53,000 LPA
5-9 yearsRs6,70,000 LPA
10-19 yearsRs15,00,000 or extra

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Website Developer Salary in India Based on Location

Many companies in India provide good salaries to web developers. Their salary is based on the city where the candidates can get the job as a web developer. In India, Hyderabad is thought to offer the best salaries, with web developer salary 27% more than other cities. Next is Bangalore, which gives 25% higher salaries than the national average salary. Here’s a table of web developer salaries in India based on specific towns. 

Web Developer Salary in Various LocationsWeb Developer Salary (Approx)
Web Developer in BangaloreRs398K per year
Web Developer in Mumbai Rs339K Per year
Web Developer in Pune, Maharashtra Rs307K per year
Web Developer in Chennai Rs314K per year
Web Developer in New DelhiRs350K per year

Web Developer Jobs Salary in India Based on Company

The bigger the agency, the better the salary, you could assume. Web developers who’ve worked on bigger projects or are applying for a job in a main agency can assume a higher salary package. Here is a table showing the average web developer salary in India.

Company Name Average Web Developer Salary in India
TCSRs 4,79,000 – INR 8,97,000 LPA
Infosys LimitedRs 4 ,17,000 – INR 5,90,000 LPA
CognizantRs 3 ,49,000 – INR 20,00,000 LPA
Amazon Inc.Rs 4,03,000 – INR 20,00,000 LPA
AccentureRs4,66,000 – INR 9,79,000 LPA
Zoho CorporationRs 6,00,000 – INR 7,45,000 LPA
CapgeminiRs7,40,000 LPA
Sapient CorporationRs 9,83,000 LPA
HCL TechnologiesRs4,67,000 – INR 10,00,000 LPA 

Web Developer Salary in India Based on Job Role

Web development is a wide subject regarding numerous job roles and duties. Your salary can vary based on your job role. Front-end or back-end developers’ salaries are slightly lower than full-stack web developer salaries in India per month. The following table shows the basic salary of a website developer in India based on job roles.

Job RoleAverage Salary of a Web Developer
Front-End DeveloperRs5,15,000 LPA
Back-End DeveloperRs 4,90,000 LPA
Full Stack Web DeveloperRs7,00,000 LPA
UI/UX DesignerRs6,09,000 LPA

Web Developer Salary in India Based on Skills

The skills of web developers in particular programming languages or regions play a main role in identifying their salary range. Here is a table that shows the average web developer salary per month in India based on skills.

SkillsAverage Salary of a Web Developer
JavaScriptRs3,82,000 LPA
PHPRs2,70,000 LPA
HTML5Rs3,04,000 LPA
CSSRs2,90,000 LPA
ReactJSRs4,15,000 LPA
Web DevelopmentRs 3,20,000 LPA

Types of Web Developers

There are different types of professionals who specialize in unique elements of creating and designing websites or web apps. The various types of web developers are given below

  1. Front-end Developers

These are the web developers who work on the front end of a website or web software, and because of this, the component that you see and interact with in your browser. They use languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create the layout, design, and function of a website. They also use frameworks and libraries like Bootstrap, React, AngularJS, and so on. To make their work less complicated and faster, Front-end developers are responsible for developing an excellent user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) for the website or web software.

  1. Back-end Developers

These are the web developers who work on the back end of a website or web software, which means the part that you do not see but handles the analysis, data, and conversation back end. They use languages like PHP, Java, Python, Node.Js, etc, to create the code that handles the requests from the front end, processes the data, and sends the responses again. They also use databases like MySQL, MongoDB, and many others. To save and control the information for the website or web software. Back-stop developers are responsible for creating a stable, dependable, and scalable website.

  1. Full-stack Developers

These are web developers who work on both the front end and back end. They have a complete knowledge of front-end and back-end technology and may deal with all components of web development from design to deployment. 

Factors Affecting Web Developer Salary

Several factors affect the salary of a web developer. Some of the key factors are discussed under:

  • Level of Training and Experience

It is a thumb rule that the higher the experience, the better the salary may be. The salary earned by web developers is determined by using recruiters based on their level of training. The salary is calculated based on years of experience and level of training attained.

  • Organization

The next aspect that performs an essential position in figuring out the salary of a web developer is the company that they’re working for. There are a few organizations that emphasize the experience of their web development team and for this reason pay a better salary to those having the good experience. These businesses’ salaries significantly lower the salaries of web developers. Mostly, salary range limits are the hidden cause in the back of low salary grades for web developers in such businesses. A majority of startups have low salary budgets for numerous job roles, which include web developers.

  1. Location

Another factor affecting the salary of web developers is the place. For example, in India, the towns giving good salaries to web developers are Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Out of these, Bangalore and Hyderabad have handsome salary packages for web developers. The cost of living is the main reason why salaries offered in metropolitan cities are better than the salaries provided in smaller towns. Hence, the location where the web developers are posted also influences their salaries.

  1. Skills

Why we hire candidates who have enough web developing skills is because recruiters are always looking for skilled web developers and having the right skill set helps in knowing their core standards. In most situations, a higher skill set of candidates affects their salary. 

Skills Required For A Web Developer

Mastering web development is important for every person who wants to make a career in programming. While there’s no strict checklist of qualifications to become a web developer, having basic details of web design and programming languages is critical. Here are the qualifications and skills to set to become a web developer

  • A bachelor’s diploma in fields like laptop programming, mathematics, science, or related regions.
  • Proficiency in front-end languages like JavaScript and Ajax.
  • Competence in back-end programming languages which include C#, Java, PHP, and Ruby.
  • Familiarity with web animation strategies, frameworks, and programming languages like Python, ASP, and ASP.WEB, HTML/XHTML, and CSS.
  • Experience with database systems like SQL and Oracle.
  • Aptitude for UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) development.

Responsibilities of Web Developer

A web developer has several roles and responsibilities, which include:

  • Design, Build, and Maintain Websites: They design, build, and maintain websites and web applications and ensure they feature smoothly and look attractive to customers.
  • Layout and Interface Creation: They craft the layout and user interface of websites with the use of well-known HTML and CSS practices, ensuring a user-friendly experience.
  • Effective Communication: In times of conflicts or challenges, clear conversation with the developing team will become important for quick solutions and seamless teamwork.
  • Website Maintenance and Scaling: They are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the website, expansion, and scalability of websites as they grow and evolve.
  • Collaboration with Designers: They collaborate closely with web designers to enforce and inform the visible design of the website.
  • Staying Updated: Keeping up with the current updates and developments in web development is vital. This involves attending conferences, workshops, and discussions, as well as studying new trends.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: They carefully check and validate their code to ensure it runs smoothly across specific browsers and gadgets.
  • Feedback Integration: Web developers value client feedback and work to address problems and give them proper solutions.
  • Tracking Emerging Trends: Staying informed about rising technology and enterprise developments facilitates them to expect user needs and comprise applicable advancements.
  • Backup Management: They create and store backups of website documents for local directories, allowing backup management in emergencies.


Web developer salary in India offer an interesting and dynamic career direction. The salary varies primarily based on experience, region, abilities, and process roles. The demand for web developers, specifically full-stack ones, stays high due to their programming skills. As technology continues evolving, web developers play a critical role in shaping India’s digital future, making it a rewarding and demanding career option.

What is the Web Developer Salary for Freshers?

The average salary for a Web Developer for Freshers is ₹36,899 per month in India.

What is the average salary for a web developer in India?

The average Web Developer’s Salary degrees between 3.0 Lakhs to Rs7.0 Lakhs in India.

What is the average salary for a Front-End Developer in India?

The average salary for a Front-End Web Developer is Rs5,15,000 LPA in India.

What is the average salary for a Back-End Developer in India?

The average salary for a Back-End Web Developer is Rs 4,90,000 LPA in India.

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