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Indian Army Agniveer Salary In 2024: Pay Slip, Allowances and Benefits

Indian Army has brought out a Rally-wise Agniveer Recruitment 2024 Notification, encouraging the public to join the Indian Army. During this period, male and female volunteers aged 17.5 and 23 who want to serve in the armed forces are given this opportunity. Here, we are talking about the salary structure for Agniveer serving the Indian Army, as described in the latest Agniveer Recruitment Notification.

Indian Army Agniveer Salary In 2024

The monthly fixed salary for Indian Agniveer selected candidates is unchanged as it does not involve bonuses such as DA, HRA, and TSA. Considering tenure of four years for the Indian Army Agniveer scheme, this basic pay starts at INR 30,000. Candidates will be chosen following the Indian Army Agniveer Selection Process and enrolled as GDs or clerks in the Army. Furthermore, the Indian Army gives the candidates post-retirement benefits like the Seva Nidhi package and skill certificates. The Agniveer will have rewarding and monthly customized packages that will include allowances that will correspond with the policies of the three providers. They will not contribute to the Armed Forces Personnel Provident Fund or any other similar Fund that would be relevant to them.

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Indian Army Agniveer in Hand Salary

As per their rank, the salary of an Indian Army Agniveer In Hand Salary comprehensively includes the different arrangements. On the other hand, the basic wage of every Agniveer is Rs.30, 000 per month. Apart from their basic salary, there are also some other benefits for which Agniveer are eligible:

YearMonthly PackageIn-Hand salaryContribution to Agniveers corpus fund (30%).Contribution to corpus fund by (GoI).
1st yearINR 35,000INR 21,000INR 9,000INR 9,000
2nd yearINR 34,000INR 23,100INR 9,000INR 9,000
3rd yearINR 36,600INR 25,500INR 10,950INR 10,900
4th yearINR 40,100INR 28,000INR 12,000INR 12,000

Indian Army Agniveer Annual Package

A candidate who ranks in the Indian Army Agniveer result list will be paid at the end of the month at a discountable INR 30 thousand for the first year. This package will increase by an assortment of 10% annually. Hence, the first year’s annual salary will be INR 3.6 LPA and then INR 4.8 LPA at the end of the fourth year:

YearCustomized PackageAnnual Package
1st Year30,000INR 3.7 LPA
2nd Year33,000INR 3.96 LPA
3rd Year36,500INR 4.38 LPA
4th Year40,000INR 4.8LPA

Indian Army Agniveer Salary Slip

Indian Army Agniveer Salary Slip is mentioned below in the table:

  • Employee Name: Name of the Agniveer candidate.
  • Employee ID: Agniveer candidate identity proof.
  • Rank: Candidate ranks are also mentioned in salary slips.
  • Pay Period: The pay period is on which date the salary is issued to the Agniveer.
  • Basic Pay: Agniveer’s monthly salary.
  • Allowances: A list of all the allowances that the agniveer gets such as Dress allowance, ration money, and Canteen subsidy.
  • Gross Pay: The total of the Agniveer allowances and monthly pay.
  • Net Pay: The amount of money that Agniveer receives in their account after all the deductions made.
  • Deduction: A list of all deductions made in the Agniveer’s salary.

Indian Army Agniveer Retirement Benefit

Indian Army Agniveer completing 4-year tenure after the qualifying stage of the selection process will be entitled to the following retirement benefits:

  • Seva Nidhi package is a consolidated one for a total amount of INR 1040000.
  • If an Agniveer, unfortunately, dies while he is on duty, his heirs will secure INR 48 lakhs in death compensation.
  • The Agniveer will be awarded a skill set certificate at the end of their contract period, which will provide details of the skills and proficiency the persons have gained during their engagement period.
  • The Agniveer who had enrolled after completing their Class 10 will be awarded a certificate for 12th at the end of their four-year tenure period as per the abilities and skills they have acquired.

Indian Army Agniveer Allowances

In the context of the provided information, the Indian Army Agniveer scheme offers customized packages that do not include benefits like DA, House Rent Allowance, and TA. As a result, Agniveer who apply through the Indian Army Agniveer scheme do not have the allowances that the regular Army gets. Besides salaries, they now get a fixed interim payment, where parts of their pay go to the same contribution:

  • Every month, Agniveer applicants in the Indian Army are given a fixed pay for free that does not cover any DA, HRA, or TA.
  • Each candidate will be provided a monthly package tailored to their tenure needs.
  • In-hand pay includes every deduction and provides the Agniveer Corpus Fund contribution (30%) to the Government of India Corpus Fund.
  • In the Agniveer system, recruits are ineligible to receive these ancillary allowances, including the Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), and Transport Allowance.

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Indian Army Agniveer Career Growth

Indian Army Agniveer Scheme opens up ways of growth and career evolution. The following is a summary of the career progression prospects for candidates who are joining the Indian Army through the Agniveer plan:

  1. Initial Appointment: Those who have completed the Indian Army Agniveer exam and were selected are enlisted for four years.
  2. Training: Recruits will go through basic classes that prepare them on what to expect when they serve in the Army.
  3. Job Profiles: Depending on their performance and qualifications, candidates may be enlisted to one of the following job posts:
  • Agniveer Clerk / Store Keeper Technical: Mainly concerned with maintaining records of Army Canteen items.
  • Agniveer (General Duty): Soldiers on active duty who fight on the line with other forces fighting the enemy.
  • Agniveer Tradesmen: The people who work on a multitasking basis perform the given job activities as per their assigned profile.
  1. Permanent Induction: Candidates who qualify for the assessment can be permanently integrated into the Indian Army. 
  2. Continued Training and Promotions: The permanent induction candidates can go for more training and be considered for promotions based on their performance and experience.

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The Indian army offers Agniveer, one of the factors that those planning to enroll in the military must consider. The Indian Army’s recruitment from the Agniveer contingent of selected youth is remunerated handsomely for their service and patriotism. The payment policy is expected to take care of the financial security of soldiers and their families and recognize the possibilities and obligations they face in guarding the country’s integrity.

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