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Psychologist Salary in India 2024: Job Profile & Description

A psychologist typically earns INR 3.99 LPA in salary. The amount of periods that psychologists work with every patient determines how much they earn. The Psychologist Salary in India of INR 1.95 LPA to 2.80 LPA is ordinary for the ones new to this field. However, INR 22–24 LPA could be the highest salary.

Indian psychologists range from clinical psychologists treating mental health ailments to organizational psychologists improving company workers’ well-being. The healthcare, education, corporate, and authorities sectors all need mental services. Read this blog to learn about Psychologist Salaries in India, in-hand salary, monthly salary, Salary slip job profile, skills required, etc.

Psychologist Job Profile in India

The area of psychology offers a huge range of process opportunities and scope for psychologists. Here are a few job profiles in the discipline of psychologists:

Job ProfileDescriptionAverage Salary (INR)
Clinical PsychologistDiagnose and deal with mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Conduct therapy and exams.4 L – 8 L
Counseling PsychologistsProvide support to individuals dealing with personal or socially demanding situations.3 L – 6 L
School PsychologistAssess and aid students’ educational and emotional well-being in educational settings.3.50 L – 6 L
Industrial/Organizational PsychologistApply psychological standards to improve administrative center productivity, employee well-being, and organizational effectiveness.4.50 L – 10 L
Forensic PsychologistApply mental understanding in legal and criminal justice contexts, along with profiling and counseling offenders.5 L – 10 L
Research PsychologistConduct mental research, examine data, and make contributions to the development of psychological expertise.4 L – 8 L
Health PsychologistPromote people’s typical health and well-being through psychological interventions.4 L – 8 L

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Psychologist Salary Trends in 2024

The average salary of a popular psychologist in India varies based on their job role, experience, skills, etc. The average salary of a psychologist in India tiers between ₹0.3 Lakhs to ₹7.0 Lakhs. However, with experience, it varies.

ExperienceAverage Salary
0-1 year₹2.6L
1-2 years₹2.8L
2-3 years₹3.4L
3-4 years₹3.7L
4-5 years₹3.7L
5-6 years₹4L
6-7 years₹4.2L
7-8 years₹3.7L
8-9 years₹3.7L
9-10 years₹4.7L

Factors Affecting Psychologist  Salary

Several factors affect the Psychologist’s Salary. It includes the skills, experience, company, location, etc, given below.

SpecializationThe chosen specialization in psychology appreciably influences salary ranges, with fields like business/organizational psychology and sports psychology regularly offering better salaries compared to others.
ExperienceExperience performs a critical role in determining a psychologist’s salary. The person with a higher level of experience gets better salary scales.
LocationGeographic area affects salary, with principal towns like Delhi and Bangalore giving higher average salaries for psychologists compared to smaller towns or rural areas.
Industry DemandDemand for psychologists in unique industries or sectors can affect salary, with sectors prioritizing mental health, which includes healthcare and training, probably giving higher salaries as compared to others.
Education and TrainingPsychologists with advanced tiers or specialized education may also be given better salaries, reflecting their qualifications and information.
Additional skills or certifications in areas including cognitive-behavioral therapy, neuropsychology, or forensic psychology might also contribute to higher salary ability, as they show specialized knowledge and skills in areas of interest in areas of psychology.Additional skills or certifications in areas including cognitive-behavioral therapy, neuropsychology, or forensic psychology might also make a contribution to higher salary ability, as they show specialized knowledge and skills in areas of interest in areas of psychology.

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Career Scope for Psychologists

In the sector of psychology, there are numerous career paths that students can pursue. Here are a number of the career options available for people who need to pursue a career in psychology:

Counseling Psychologist

As a counselor, you can still offer therapeutic services to people and organizations, depending on their information. Counselors can work in faculties, authorities, companies, and industries.


After completing a master’s or doctoral degree, students can teach psychology in faculties and universities. 


After finishing the doctoral diploma, people can grow to be researchers of their selected specialization. They conduct experiments, collect data, analyze it, and interpret the results.


Biopsychologists are responsible for the relationship between psychology and biology. They take a look at behavioral studies as well as neuropsychiatric and developmental psychology.

Family Psychologist

Family psychologists focus on issues related to thoughts and behavior inside families. They help households understand and resolve conflicts, increase communication skills, and improve their relationships.

School Psychologist:

School psychologists address the emotional problems, getting to know the skills, temper, and behavior of children in school. 

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Role and Responsibilities of Psychologist

A psychologist specializes in checking human behavior and mental techniques.

  • Assess and diagnose behavioral, emotional, and mental issues.
  • Provide counseling, therapy, and interventions to individuals, couples, or companies.
  • Conduct psychological checks and assessments to assess cognitive skills, personality traits, and emotional functioning.
  • Develop and enforce treatment plans based totally on the client’s dreams and desires.
  • Offer support and help to people coping with numerous psychological challenges.
  • Collaborate with other healthcare professionals to give comprehensive care.
  • Conduct studies and make a contribution to the advancement of mental knowledge.
  • Provide support and assistance to individuals dealing with career-associated challenges or transitions.
  • Offer support on personal improvement, coping skills, and stress control.
  • Maintain accurate and personal customer data and make sure of moral practice.

Qualifications and Skills Required

To become part of a Psychology career, it’s important to meet the following educational qualifications and must-have skills.

  • For Diploma/ Bachelor’s Courses: Basic education of 10+2 with Arts flow subjects from an identified board
  • It is necessary to offer a score on the SAT exam/ ACT exam to apply for UG courses.
  • For Master’s Courses: A UG degree in the same discipline as BA Psychology or some other related fields
  • To join the PG course, applicants are required to submit the rating GRE or some other university exam.
  • Minimum required rating within the exam like IELTS, TOEFL, and many others or some other language ability tests

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Skills Required to Become a Psychologist

Candidates thinking about becoming a Psychologist are required to expand a few skills that would, in the end, help them excel in their jobs. One of the most important skills that each Psychologist must expand is Empathy. Here are common skills Psychologists should have

1. Critical Thinking2. Qualitative and Quantitative Research3. Patience
4. Ethical Understanding5. Open-Minded Approach6. Problem-Solving Skills
7. Commitment to Learning8. Organizational Skills9. Emotional Stability

Future of the Psychologist  Profession

Today’s changes have made Psychology one of the most demanding careers. The demand and give chain in Psychology will help conquer challenges in personal and professional lives in the future. Our rapid-paced lives, hectic jobs, and complex family dynamics are making mental health a main problem in the 21st century.

Countries across the globe are looking at making mental health similarly vital and important as physical health. Therefore, the position of psychologists in the future will become essential for our medical life. Simply placed, we might also take medication for any physiological sickness, however what approximately societal, international pressures coupled with tragedies? There is not any recognized medicine to handle all that, for this reason, Psychology will become crucial as a topic to be pursued.


How much is a psychologist paid in India?

In India, the average monthly salary for a psychologist is ₹44,698. In India, a more cash salary for a psychologist ranges from ₹5,250 to ₹1,10,000, with an average of ₹18,000 per month.

Can a psychologist earn 1 lakh per month?

Psychologists who’ve worked for at least 5 years, on average, make between INR 40,000 and INR 70,000 a month. Experience of at least 10 years can fetch even more salary. The monthly salary for those psychologists frequently surpasses INR 1 lakh.

Is Psychologist a good career in India?

Yes, for people who want to help others and understand human behavior, a career in psychology may be a brilliant match. It presents opportunities to enhance mental health studies and have an influence on humans’s lives.

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