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Data Entry Operator Salary in India 2024: Average Salary and Job Profile

Today, being a data-driven organization isn’t a choice; it’s important. Data is important for business; nearly every employer uses data in business making plans, operations, and attaining end enterprise dreams. The role of a data entry operator is important to manage and maintain such data. The data entry operator works to handle the specialized data. Let’s read this blog to learn about the data entry operator job profile, role and responsibilities, salary slip trends, etc.  

Data Entry Operator Salary in 2024

The Data entry operator salary relies upon your qualifications, your typing speed, and the type of data entry work. Some of the relative salary figures for unique job profiles of a data entry operator are given in the table below:

Job ProfileStarting Salary per annum (in INR)Mid Level Salary per annum (in INR)Senior Level Salary per annum (INR)
Bank Officer1,72,8213,81,7507,11,403
Accounts Clerk1,09,7431,83,0873,97,649
Human Resources Officer1,54,5692,92,4005,30,073
Office Administrator1,17,5962,45,0365,08,730
Administrative Assistant1,22,7692,51,7995,80,051

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Factors Affecting Data Entry Operator Salary

Various factors affect the Salary of data entry operator


The average data entry operator’s salary can vary appreciably by location, depending on the cost of living, the demand for data entry, and the nearby economic situations. Based on the economic conditions and living costs of cities, they offer the Salary to data entry operators. For example, a city with high living costs pays higher Salaries to data entry operators than a city with low living costs.  


Another thing that can affect your data entry operator’s Salary is the industry you work in. Different industries may also have one-of-a-kind necessities, standards, and expectations for data entry employees. If the company you work in is highly reputed and has been in the industry for many years, then a data entry operator can get a high Salary. On the other hand, if you work as a data entry operator on a small scale or in a startup company, then you may get less Salary.


As with most occupations, your data entry operator salary can also rely on your level of experience, skills, and qualifications. Generally, the more experience you have in data entry, the more likely you are to earn a higher salary, as you may show your accuracy, speed, and skills in numerous data entry duties and software.

Data Entry Operator Job Profile in India

A Data Entry Operator job is for someone in the agency who can handle the type of data. The data entry operator handles the data, shares data from one place to another, and verifies the correct supply of data.  

The process of the data entry operator is basically completed by typing the data from physical documents. It can also be done by copying and pasting the necessary data from one place to another. An individual with a data entry operator job has to ensure that they can kindly get most of the work performed within the given time limits. They must enter the data in a laptop from where it can be used for a diverse role.

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Career Scope for Data Entry Operator

Data entry operator works in various environments and places. Hospitals input data on patients, vendors, reviews, and compliance with the use of them. Direct marketing businesses use them to enter data about possible customers. The important industries listed below are where data entry specialists can explore employment.

  • Healthcare: In the medical region and the healthcare sector, data entry operators are usually required to manage patient data, billing, inventory-making plans, and logistics.
  • Administration: For workplace jobs, experts with data entry experience might be required.
  • Accounting and finance: In financial establishments, data entry works are related to debts payable, payroll, audits, tax instruction, and corporate finance.
  • Government: Retail and income: Data entry operators are in charge of getting into stock data, online income transactions, and logistical data.

Role and Responsibilities of Data Entry Operator

Here are the various roles and responsibilities of data entry operator

  • Accurately coming into data into the enterprise’s database or data device from numerous assets, which includes documents.
  • Data from numerous assets, including paper documents, electronic files, and net paperwork, need to be as it should be entered into the organization’s database or data device.
  • Update and hold present databases through adding, modifying, or deleting data as needed.
  • Conducting normal excellent tests to identify and correct any errors or discrepancies in data.
  • Maintaining strict confidentiality and security protocols when dealing with touchy or personal data.
  • To ensure that data entry jobs are brought on time, assigned responsibilities have to be completed by specific time limits.
  • Working with teammates and supervisors to communicate any problems or issues about data entry jobs.

Qualifications and Skills Required

The person who works as a data entry operator should meet the educational qualifications and have the skills given below.

  • A keen eye for elements is required for accurately inputting and verifying a large amount of data.
  • Typing quickly and correctly is essential for correctly completing data entry responsibilities.
  • The capability to prioritize jobs and manage time effectively with the purpose of meeting closing dates.
  • Proficiency with laptop software programs and applications, in particular, data entry software programs and the Microsoft Office Suite
  • The potential to appropriately discover and resolve data entry issues or discrepancies.
  • Strong organizational skills are required to successfully manage and maintain large databases.
  • Effective communication skills for working with team participants and reporting to supervisors.

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Future of Data Entry Operator Profession

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will largely form the demand for data entry in the future. Since we’re shifting in the direction of the era of automation, those technologies will impact how data entry jobs have been accomplished earlier.

AI-powered data entry will affect how organizations seize and technique established data. Automated procedures will replace conventional data entry strategies, reducing costs and opportunities for mistakes, saving time, and improving performance.

Automated data entry will increase network availability by managing data more efficiently. It will help agencies improve responsiveness by permitting them to enter data in real-time and automate and convert any data into a virtual format.


What is the average Salary of a Data Entry Operator in India?

The average Salary of a Data Entry Operator in India is INR 1.8 LPA, with the highest Salary being INR 3.5 LPA.

How can Data Entry Operators increase their Salary?

Data Entry Operators can seek more superior certifications, broaden new skills, study the latest software programs, and broaden data to boost their salary potential.

Can Data Entry Operators make money working from home?

There are ample opportunities for Data Entry Operators to make money working from home. Candidates have to check with the business enterprise whilst making use of the working site situation.

What are the career opportunities for Data Entry Operators in India?

With experience and skills, Data Entry Operators can move to better roles with more duties and competitive pay. They can also transition to specialized fields inside data management.

What educational qualifications are required to become a Data Entry Operator?

Data Entry Operators are required to have a diploma or certificate highlighting their abilities to work in the data entry subject. Candidates can pursue those guides after class 12. 

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