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High Salary Courses After 12th Science in India

Science is an interdisciplinary field that combines all major academic disciplines, such as physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics. In most situations, these situations are either a bonus or a challenge for fresh graduates. Choosing the best degree after high school in the science stream may be challenging, although it provides an opportunity to have a good job after graduation. In addition, you can use the database for international colleges to find the best ones.

Hence, we have created this list of the top universities that will allow you to pursue these courses overseas. Read the last word to determine what to take after 12th grade. This article will mention some of the after-12th-grade science courses known to be top-paying and introduce them here.

Top 5 High Salary Courses after 12th Science for Future

The higher level courses listed below are suitable for students seeking professional orientation after completing science in the 12th standard by considering their interests and aptitudes:

1. Engineering

The discipline of engineering is ranked as the top-paying slips major after 12th. This is because engineers serve as the support system of any company. Engineers have done amazing things, whether you look at computers, WIFI, fax machines, or other systems. All technologies and utilities in the business example result from sustained engineering. Please take part in summarizing the world’s best engineering programs available overseas and their essential admission. 

CourseEligibility CriteriaTop UniversityTop Recruiters
MSc in Aerospace EngineeringBachelors in aerospace engineering with math and physics.National University of Singapore (Singapore).Stanford University (USA).ETH ZurichMassachusetts institutes of technology (USA).University of Cambridge (UK).MSc in Mechanical engineering
MSc in Electrical EngineeringBachelors in electrical engineering with math and physics.Tsinghua University (China).Stanford University (USA).National University of Singapore (Singapore).Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA).University of California, Berkeley (USA).Texas Instruments.Samsung.Qualcomm.Intel.Nvidia.
MSc in Computer scienceBachelor’s in computer science, engineering, or with strong programming skills.Rolls-Royce.Boeing.SpaceX.Airbus.Facebook.Google.Apple.Microsoft.Amazon.
MSc in Petroleum engineeringBachelors in petroleum engineering with math and physics.The University of Melbourne (Australia).University of Texas at Austin (USA).University of Aberdeen (UK).Stanford University (USA).Delft University of Technology (Netherlands). Chevron.BP.Schlumberger.ExxonMobil.Shell.
Msc in Mechanical engineeringBachelor’s in mechanical engineering with math and physics.ETH Zurich (Switzerland).Stanford University (USA).Nanyang Technological University (Singapore).Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA).General motors.Siemens.Boeing.Tesla.Rolls-Royce.

2. Pilot Training Courses

Pilot courses’ enrollment is to become a high earner and conquer the sky that comes directly to the mind. The most appealing aspect of these classes is that you can start learning for one of the highly-paid courses after completing the 12th-grade 12th science topics. At the same time, a bachelor’s degree program is necessary.

CourseEligibility CriteriaTop UniversityTop Recruiters
Airline Transport pilot license (ATPL).Commercial pilot license with multi engine rating and medical exam.Asia (Cathay Pacific).Europe (Lufthansa Airways).Middle East (Emirates).Major airlines (first officers on flights).
Commercial Pilot License (CPL).Private Pilot License, minimum flight hours and medical exams.South Africa (Stellenbosch flying club).USA (FlightSafety, L3 Harris).Europe (European flight training).Cargo airlines.Flight Instruction.Regional Airlines.
Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Program.High school diploma and medical exam with strong English.Massey University (New Zealand).USA (Embry- riddle, North Dakota).CAE Oxford, flight training Adelaide (Australia).Qatar Airways.Cargo airlines.American.
Commercial Pilot license.Medical exam.Multi-engine rating.Massey University (New Zealand).USA (Embry-Riddle, North Dakota).CAE Oxford, flight training Adelaide (Australia).The school of aviation (Canada).Australian college, Brisbane aviation (Australia).CTC Aviation (New Zealand).Cargo Airlines.Regional Airlines.
Bachelor of aviation with flight training.High school diploma.Strong English.Medical exam.Seneca College, UBC (Canada).Central Lancashire, Salford (UK).Private charter companies.Business aviation.Regional airlines.

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3. Astronomical Courses

Astronomy is a highly complex science that requires the study of physics and chemistry to help develop understanding. Astronomy is undoubtedly a discipline to consider if you’re curious about what is happening in space outside our atmosphere. During the 12th grade, it’s difficult for Indian students to secure a job in the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). The decision to enroll in a space college in a prestigious university leaves a lot of good opportunities after secondary school for high-paying jobs.

CourseEligibility CriteriaTop UniversityTop Recruiters
M.Sc in Observational AstronomyBachelor’s degree in astronomy and physics. Research experience preferred.Math and physics background.Australian National University (Australia).University of Manchester (UK).National Astronomical Observatories of China (China).University of Heidelberg (Germany).Universities.National observatories.Private companies.Research institutions.Space agencies.
M.Sc in AstrophysicsBachelor’s degree in physics, astronomyMath and physics background.California Institute of Technology (USA).University of Cambridge (UK).University of Tokyo (Japan).University of Melbourne (Australia).Research institutions.National laboratories.Government agencies.Aerospace companies.
M.Sc in AstrobiologyBachelor’s degree in astronomy and biology.Sciences and physical sciences.Surrey Space Centre (UK).National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan).Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA).University of Queensland (Australia).Delft University of Technology (Netherlands).Government agencies.Private companies.Research institutions.
M.Sc in Planetary ScienceBachelor’s degree in astronomy and physics.Math and science background.University College London (UK).Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan).Johns Hopkins University (USA).McGill University (Canada).University of Groningen (Netherlands).Research institutions.Space agencies. Government agencies.Aerospace companies.
M.Sc in Space Science and EngineeringBachelor’s degree in engineering, physics and astronomy. Math and science background.Surrey Space Centre (UK).University of Queensland (Australia).National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan).Delft University of Technology (Netherlands).Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)Space agencies.Research institutions.Satellite communication companies.Defense contractors.Aerospace companies.

4. Environmental Science Courses

The field of environmental science is fast expanding as the increasing understanding of global climate change results. By studying abroad for your environmental science degree, you can access a wide range of ideas, cutting-edge research, and international experience. From this top 5 environmental science programs with the highest paying potential on the planet in the table beneath are the best schools and nations that provide the best employers:

CourseEligibility CriteriaTop UniversityTop Recruiters
M.Sc in Climate Change.Varies by program.Bachelor’s degree in environmental science and geography.University of East Anglia (UK).University of Leeds (UK).Utrecht University (Netherlands).University of Otago (New Zealand).University of Columbia (USA).Government agencies.Research institutions. Consulting firms. Energy companies.Non-profit organizations.
M.Sc in Environmental Engineering.Bachelors in environmental science and engineering.Math and science skills. Minimum 50-60% marks in class 12 examinations. University of Oxford (UK).University of Melbourne (Australia).Imperial College London (UK).ETH Zurich (Switzerland).Environmental consulting firms.Manufacturing companies.Non-profit organizations.Government agencies.
M.Sc in Marine ScienceBachelor’s in marine science, biology and environmental science.Math and science skillsUniversity of Southampton (UK).University of Western Australia (Australia).University of California, San Diego (USA).University of Otago (New Zealand).The University of Tokyo (Japan),NOAA.Shell.Chevron.ExxonMobil.Schlumberger.
M.Sc in Environmental ManagementBachelor’s in environmental science and business administrationSome programs may require work experience.University of Edinburgh (UK).University of Toronto (Canada).Yale University (USA).Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong).University of Melbourne (Australia).
Government agencies.Environmental consulting firms.Manufacturing companies.Non-profit organizations.
M.Sc in Sustainable EnergyBachelors in engineering and science.Strong in Math, physics, and chemistry.University of Twente (Netherlands).University of Queensland (Australia).Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden).University of California.Berkeley (USA).Aalto University (Finland).Schneider Electric.Siemens Gamesa.Ørsted.Vestas Wind Systems. Engie.

5. Automobile Engineering Courses

Automotive engineers working constantly to derive, debug, and improve automotive designs and technology is common. With the difficulty posed by climate change, researchers are working on implementing renewable energy technologies that reduce the amount of fossil fuel combustion in their cars. Lead advent technological innovations to develop the best-engineered solutions for the most prominent car brands is always a task assigned to those professionally working in the automotive sector.

CourseEligibility CriteriaTop UniversityTop Recruiters
M.Sc in Automotive ElectronicsBachelors in Electrical Engineering.Programming & problem-solving skillsUniversity of Stuttgart (Germany).Yonsei University (South Korea).Carnegie Mellon University (USA).University of Southampton (UK).Nanyang Technological University (Singapore).Bosch.Magna International Inc.Continental AG.  Denso Corporation.Robert Bosch GmbH.
M.Sc in Automotive EngineeringBachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering with strong physics and math.WTH Aachen University (Germany).University of Melbourne (Australia)University of Michigan (USA).Delft University of Technology (Netherlands).ETH Zurich (Switzerland).Bosch.Continental AG.Volkswagen Group.Daimler AG.Robert Bosch GmbH.
M.Sc in Sustainable Automotive EngineeringBachelors in Mechanical Engineering.Automotive Engineering or related field in environmental science & sustainability.University of Technology (Sweden).Delft University of Technology (Netherlands).University of Waterloo (Canada).University of California.Berkeley (USA).University of Queensland (Australia).BYD Company Ltd.Volvo Group.Toyota Motor Corporation.Volkswagen Group. 
M.Sc in Automotive MechatronicsBachelors in Mechanical Engineering.Strong math & physicsUniversity of Stuttgart (Germany).Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan).Clemson University (USA).University of Twente (Netherlands).KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden).Siemens AG.Toyota Motor Corporation.Continental AG.Robert Bosch GmbH.BMW Group.
M.Sc in Advanced Automotive EngineeringBachelors in Mechanical Engineering.Strong math & physics.University of Cambridge (UK).Tsinghua University (China).Politecnico di Milano (Italy).University of New South Wales (Australia).Stanford University (USA).Siemens AG.Toyota Motor Corporation.Continental AG.Robert Bosch GmbH.BMW Group.

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Choosing the Right High Paying Courses after 12th Science: Factors to Consider

The moment you complete your efforts towards 12th grade with science, the following factors should be considered when deciding on the courses that will guarantee high remuneration:

  1. Balance your hobbies and skills: Be realistic about yourself, and then find a career that coincides with what you do best. In short, identify your interests and abilities so that you can choose the most lucrative science courses after secondary classes. Moreover, it is adequate in completing aptitude tests to gain additional knowledge.
  2. Check the earning potential of the course: Now that you know your strengths and preferences, explore the opportunities in the area of your choice. Refer to government sources and trade press to be on point with a fast-evolving job market. 
  3. Explore the different specializations of your chosen course: Over 50 foreign universities have a broad spectrum in their course selection. This is an excellent advantage as you can choose the options that suit your preferences and personal areas of interest. The elective courses you decide to include as a supplement to your course are also your prerogative.
  4. University: The last stage is choosing a suitable university after completing 12th with science. If you are sure what your skills and preferred study area are, you must search for the best university overseas. College rankings and accreditation make a lot of difference because they ensure quality teaching and excellent job opportunities.

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The science journeys involving irresistible programs by the 12th grade offer lucrative jobs in different fields that lead to a fulfilling work path. Remember that even though a lucrative profession may seem like the best prospect, this is not a reason to choose a career that aligns with your interests and capability but a way towards your goal. For an intelligent decision, a person needs to consider all these factors, which include thorough study and asking for practical experience.

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