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Top Highest Paying Jobs & Their Salary in India 2024

Are you looking forward to starting your career immediately after passing your graduation program in India with a highly-paid job? A job that pays well can be a first step toward entering a career that pays well. Looking at revenue figures in Indian currency and other industry trends, we will discuss in the article the top job positions that new graduates are paid the most in 2024.

Top Highest Paying Jobs in India

Here are some of the highest-paying jobs in India you can explore:

  1. Project Manager

 Project Manager comes to the top of the list of highest-paying jobs in India. According to the strategic workout, the project manager is assigned to the job and performs an essential role in all stages of the project management. Along with providing risk management, stakeholders, a project manager also tracks, compares, and prioritizes work as needed. 

As the project manager performs a task determining the project’s outcome, the market experiences a growing demand for skilled project managers. The average yearly income for project managers in India is INR 12.0 Lakhs, with an industry range of INR 4 to 28 Lakhs. Other Indian cities’ average yearly pay for project managers includes the following:

  • Pune: 14 lakhs
  • Mumbai: 13 lakhs
  • Delhi: 15 lakhs
  • Bangalore: 15.6 lakhs
  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer: An artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning engineer should be in the second slot in India’s list of highest-paying jobs. An AI engineer is a professional who builds intelligent software systems. It helps them to discover the business requirements, and then apply machine learning (ML) technology to develop software that provides the solutions. AI engineers are the ones who design and test algorithms capable of learning from data, as well as models that make conclusions and wise experiences. 

In India, an AI engineer makes ₹8 Lakhs on average, with a maximum income of ₹40 Lakhs annually. In other Indian cities, the average yearly pay for AI engineers includes the following:

  • Bangalore: 9.5 lakhs
  • Delhi: 6 lakhs
  • Pune: 8 lakhs
  • Mumbai: 6.5 lakhs
  1. Data Scientist

The second highest paying job in India is a data scientist; it has lavish inducement and attractive salary. Individuals can become successful data scientists in India by having a thorough knowledge of computer science, programming, mathematics, statistics, and analytics. The job of a data scientist is among the most rewarding in India; its average yearly pay is more than ₹10 lakhs. Expert data scientists may make around ₹25 Lakhs and even more. In other Indian cities, data scientists typically earn the following per year: 

  • Bangalore: 11 lakhs
  • Delhi: 10 lakhs
  • Pune: 7 lakhs
  • Mumbai: 9 lakhs
  1. Machine Learning Engineer

Among many AI fields, machine learning (ML) has seen a proliferation in business. AI and ML will witness the surge and become one of the highest-salary jobs in India. Those specialists in machine learning do data analyses, they design algorithms and software the industry can utilize. India’s machine learning engineer earns more than ₹7 lakhs per year in the range. Additionally, other cities’ typical yearly salaries include the following: 

  • Mumbai: 6.5 lakhs
  • Delhi: 5.7 lakhs
  • Pune: 5.5 lakhs
  • Bangalore: 10 lakhs
  1. Blockchain Developer

The blockchain is known as the craze that enables the development in areas such as data management, internet connection, financial transactions, and data security. These developers may include engineers, IT experts, or computer science experts with a strong foundation in mathematics or statistics. In India, blockchain technology presents the best opportunities.

Indian blockchain developers secure a yearly salary of over ₹8 lakh. A professional with experience can be paid 45 LPA. In other Indian cities, the average annual compensation for blockchain developers is as follows:

  • Mumbai: 6 lakhs
  • Bangalore: 6 lakhs
  • Delhi: 6 lakhs
  • Pune: 5 lakhs

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  1. Full Stack Software Developer

Being the topmost career with the highest earning options in India, employers recognize Full Stack Software Developers, and their demand is now higher than ever. Full Stack Developers are knowledgeable in front-end and back-end development of software and websites. As they develop sites from scratch, this position is among the highest payrolls here in India. To strengthen and extend your capacities as a Full Stack expert, your Bachelor offered by a distance program focused on Full Stack development will be helpful.

The average software developer’s income could reach over ₹9 Lakhs per annum. There are numerous opportunities for this highest-paying career in India across all businesses and sectors, with an average yearly compensation of the following in other Indian cities:

  • Pune: 5 lakhs
  • Delhi: 5.5 lakhs
  • Bangalore: 7.5 lakhs
  • Mumbai: 8 lakhs
  1. Product Manager

The second highest-paying career in India is that of a product manager, considered the most valuable position in developing strategy and enforcing features. Product management has started gaining first place in the Indian market. Product managers should be precise and have a deep knowledge of the organization’s objectives in product development. Despite being certified in product management; you will soon be able to advance your career and thus access top India jobs. In India, a product manager takes home around ₹1440000 per annum. Experienced workers may start with around ₹17–26 LPA per annum, but inexperienced workers may begin with something close to ₹7-8 LPA per annum.

  1. Management Consultant

The companies might significantly improve their performance, grow their enterprise and resolve the issues with the consultation of the management consultants. They encompass the organization’s operations, management, strategies, and structure.

You can enroll in the management consulting MBA program after earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics, accounting, or management. The best careers in India are for the taking, which you can have with an MBA. Management consultancy’s average wage for an Indian professional is about ₹11, 49,770 LPA. However, experienced candidates make somewhere in the range of ₹17 to 26 LPA, whereas junior consultants make as little as ₹6 to 7 LPA.

  1. Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountants (CAs) are the core pillars for all business sectors and they advise clients on financial matters and manage client’s finances. Being the top-paid roles in the country, the demand for CAs increases by leaps and bounds.

Representation of the CA Program at the ICAI, New Delhi, is mandatory for all graduates to be able to work as a Certified Chartered Accountant (CA). The chartered accountant may earn as little as ₹6-7 LPA but as much as ₹30 LPA or more depending on experience and level of expertise. KPMG is joining STAN CHART, E&Y, and D&T, and BDOI are also famous employers who offer this program.

  1. Business Analyst

In India, a job as a business analyst is one of the most-paid occupations. The primary role of a business analyst is to analyze the systems and operational models an organization follows. They can help make proper decisions and provide an added impetus to a company’s output. India is well known for having a career path of ‘becoming a business analyst’ that can hardly is compared with the industry in other countries.

A business analyst position in India has an average salary of more than ₹6.5 lakh per annum. In more Indian cities, business analysts make more than:

  • Mumbai: 7 lakhs
  • Delhi: 6 lakhs
  • Bangalore: 7 lakhs

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  1. Engineering Manager 

An engineering manager is a person who manages engineering teams and projects and represents the organization on its behalf. Along with their duties of project goal setting, they also ensure that their team of engineers is well-managed and organized.

Engineering managers generally conduct engineer findings, selection, and education while following workers’ performance and giving feedback. The engineers work with departments inside the organization, like product development and quality assurance, to guarantee that their projects meet the company’s aims.

  • Bangalore: 34 lakhs
  • Delhi: 25 lakhs
  • Pune: 25 lakhs
  • Mumbai: 21 lakhs
  1. IT Systems Manager 

The person who is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining the organization’s computer network will be called IT Systems Manager. They are accountable for upholding the standard IT operations and ensuring they meet the business’s requirements.

The IT systems manager has an IT group under their purview that comprises network engineers, system administrators, and technical support staff. They determine that all team members meet performance standards and that the IT systems are trustworthy and reliable, running optimally.

  1. Software Architect

The second highest-paying position in India is that of a software architect who oversees organizing and managing software production. As a team, they work with key partners to find technical options, understand business objectives, and design the overall software system architecture for the task.

A software architect makes the technology decisions and tradeoffs necessary to meet business goals. This could be because most had previous experience working in large software development companies or design entities. In India, the average salary of a software architect is ₹27 lakhs, and it can go up to an annual income of up to ₹50 lakhs. In other Indian cities, the average yearly compensation for AI engineers includes the following:

  • Bangalore: 33 lakhs
  • Delhi: 26 lakhs
  • Pune: 26 lakhs
  • Mumbai: 25 lakhs
  1. DevOps Engineer

A DevOps Engineer is a professional who interacts with software developers and IT personnel to facilitate the idea of software applications. They are responsible for the automation of operations and the systematized and provident software delivery. DevOps developers bring in CI/CD tools and methods in CI/CD tools. Usually, they are seasoned IT professionals with hands-on experience in IT operations. They help other IT departments and programmers search and solve the trouble zones with new ways for systems and software. 

In India, a DevOps Engineer usually gets ₹6.5 Lakhs per annum. In other Indian cities, the average yearly pay for AI engineers includes the following:

  • Pune: 6 lakhs
  • Delhi: 7 lakhs
  • Bangalore: 7 lakhs
  • Mumbai: 6 lakhs
  1. Medical Professionals

The healthcare sector in India is high-paying, according to its occupations. On the other hand, the healthcare sector is getting boosted because of the increased need for medical experts. Indian medics get payment as high as they can expect; the amount varies subject to specialization and domain.

The doctors’ specific duties include:

  • Writing prescriptions.
  • Performing interventions.
  • Detecting diseases in patients.
  • Making a diagnosis based on symptoms.
  • Working with nurses and other health specialists.
  • Interpreting test results.

In India, medical practitioners earn around Rs 8 -10 lakh annually. Here comes the fact that about one-fourth of the healthcare professionals belong to the annual list of 20 lakh. A general physician makes an average of ₹7 lakhs per annum; a general surgeon, on the other hand, makes about ₹11 lakhs annually.

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Candidates should remember that these jobs require a high level of education and excellent competency skills. Further, the demand for specific professions can vary depending on the dynamic nature of the case market. Consequently, the person must consider the ability to receive payment, interests, talents, and long-term career aims.

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