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Pharmacist Salary in India 2024: Job Profile & Description, Career Scope

Pharmacists are healthcare experts who are skilled medicine specialists. Pharmacist salary and Pharmacists are responsible for developing and prescribing drugs to the public. They work in health facility settings, retail drug stores, pharmacies, medical clinics, universities, authorities institutes, network settings, and many more. If you’re a person who wants to become a pharmacist and is considering how much the salary of a pharmacist is, then this article is for you. 

The expected Pharmacist Salary in India ranges from Rs 0.3 Lakhs to Rs 3.5 Lakhs, with an average annual salary of Rs 2.2 Lakhs. The salary of a Pharmacist may be based on various factors such as the area of the company, candidates’ skills, experience, etc. In this article, we are going to tell you about the job profile of pharmacists, career scope, salary, factors that affect their salary slip, and many more.

Salary Offered to B.Pharmacy Graduates in India

B. Pharmacy salaries in India range by qualification, work experience, city, and company type. The basic B.Pharmacy salary in India is INR 3 LPA. Graduating students can book their salary by gaining experience via internships and work placements. 

Pharmacist Salary in India

The starting Pharmacist salary is expected to be around 2.92LPA. However, this salary varies with experience, qualifications, and abilities. An entry-stage Pharmacist with less than 1 year of experience can earn around INR 2.44 LPA. Skills are also a determinant factor in the salary of a pharmacist. Pharmacists can open their dispensaries or work in hospitals or in various huge pharmaceutical organizations. The highest salary of a Pharmacist salary can be around INR 18 LPA. Some of the job roles, together with job descriptions and salaries, are given below. 

ProfessionJob ProfileAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Medical WriterA medical writer works with medical doctors, scientists, and other subject matter experts, creating documents that describe studies results, product use, and different medical records.3 L
Medical Research AssociateA medical writer works with medical doctors, scientists, and other subject matter experts, creating documents that describe study results, product use, and different medical records.5 L
Drug Safety AssociateA drug safety associate is responsible for monitoring the safety of pharmaceutical drugs and evaluating and stopping destructive reactions in patients. They need to distinguish and examine the ratio of risks & advantages of a drug that is advertised in the pharma sector.3.5 L
Drug InspectorA Drug inspector is responsible for analyzing establishments where meals, capsules, cosmetics, and similar customer items are synthetic, dealt with, saved, or needed to implement requirements of sanitation, purity, and grading.6 L
Pharmaceutical ScientistFD Associate is responsible for the development of new products, methods systems, and formulations in tablets, can execute all components, and gives technical support to the team.6.5 L
Formulation Development AssociateA Medical Research Associate collects and organizes records acquired all through research and in field trials, and coordinates and approaches results from long-time periods trying out medication, products, and scientific processes.5 L
Sales/ Marketing ExecutiveThey are well-skilled and experts in particular responsible for discovering, broadening, checking, and producing new medicinal drugs and pills.4 L
Pharmacy BusinessThe main process role will be to distribute and dispense drugs in either retail or complete, regionally or throughout India, after going through all the moral and criminal suggestions by the monitoring team, whilst making sure that secure and accurate drugs are given to the public.8 L
QA/QC AssociateResponsible for increasing the force by studying the current and volume of dealers. Submits orders via rate lists and product literature. They also recommend adjustments in products, services, and coverage by evaluating outcomes and competitive traits.3.5 L

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B.Pharmacy Salary Based on Job Designations

The pharmacist salary also depends on their job role. Depending on the candidate’s experience and qualifications, the salary grade differs for both industries. Here are the salaries of pharmacist salary according to their job profile 

B.Pharma Jobs ProfileAverage Entry-Level SalarySalary After 3+ Years of Experience
Pharmacist SalaryINR 2.5 – 4.5 LPAINR 4 – 6.5 LPA
Medical Research AssociateINR 3 – 3.5 LPAINR 4-6 LPA
Regulatory Affairs AssistantINR 3 – 4 LPAINR 5 – 6.5 LPA
Quality Control AnalystINR 2.5 – 4 LPAINR 5-7 LPA
Production TraineeINR 2 – 3.5 LPAINR 4-5.50 LPA
Medical RepresentativeINR 2.5 – 3 LPAINR 4 – 6 LPA
Pharmacy Sales ExecutiveINR 2.5 – 3.5 LPAINR 4 – 6 LPA
Research AssistantINR 3 – 4.5 LPAINR 5 – 7 LPA

B.Pharmacy Salary Based on Sectors

There are various B.Pharmacy Jobs available in private and public sectors. Government coverage, programs, taxes, and lots of other factors can affect a B. Pharmacy graduate’s salary in India. The table of B.Pharmacy salaries according to sectors is given below 

Recruiters in the Private Sector 

B Pharmacy salary in India per month in private organizations for graduates ranges between INR 25,000-35,000, according to company and year of experience. A few of the recruiters and B.Pharmacy salaries in India are given below

Top RecruitersB.Pharmacy Salary Per Month (INR)
Max Hospital25,000
Fortis HealthCare24,000
Medanta Medicity28,000
Manipal Hospital23,500
Sun Pharma30,000-35,000

Recruiters in the Government Sector 

In India, various institutes and fields in government sectors offer B. Pharmacy jobs. The regular B.Pharmacy authorities salary per month is set at INR 23,000-27,000. Here are top executive recruiters for B.Pharm graduates

Top RecruitersB.Pharmacy Salary Per Month (INR)
Railway Medical Department40,000 
Defence Services27,000
Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd.15,000
ESIC Hospital18,000

Skills Required for B.Pharmacy Jobs

Here are some skills required by B.Pharm graduates to grow in their careers and continue to be competitive in the market

  • Pharmaceutical Knowledge: The graduate needs to know about drug improvement, pharmacology, and forms to ensure safe and effective medicine use.
  • Customer Relationship Management Skills: To make good relationships with healthcare professionals and patients to improve pharmaceutical services and meet client needs.
  • Biotechnology Skills: To follow strategies in pharmaceutical studies and development, contributing to improvements in drug discovery and production
  • Legal and Regulatory Affairs Knowledge: To ensure compliance with enterprise needs for drug improvement and production.

B.Pharmacy Placement

Almost all faculties offer the B.Pharm placement to graduates at the end of their semester. The B.Pharmacy placement companies have partnered with several universities, where they schedule such placement drives. Here is a list of top agencies that hire B.Pharmacy graduates 

College NameTop RecruiterAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Hamdard UniversityImpetus, Dr. Reddy Laboratory, Newgen4.25 LPA
BITS, PilaniBiocon, Evaluserve, Pharmaace Analytics, IQVIA, etc.5-7.5 LPA
JSS College of Pharmacy, MysoreStrides Pharma Sciences, Ethix Pharma, Novartis3.5 – 6 LPA
Panjab UniversityBioclinica, Blueocean, Cipla, Danone4 – 6 LPA
MCOPS, ManipalAbbott, Eurofins Advinus, Alkem, Biocon6 – 8 LPA

Top B.Pharmacy Recruiters

One of the top demanding professions is nursing. Some of the top recruiters with common B.Pharmacy salaries in India are given below. 

Top RecruitersType of IndustryJob Position OffersAverage Entry Level Annual B.Pharm Salary
Apollo HospitalsHealthcarePharmacist, Medical Research Associate, Regulatory Affairs Specialist3.4-4 LPA
BioconBiotechnologyResearch Scientist, Quality Control Analyst, Production Officer3-4.5 LPA
CiplaPharmaceuticalsMedical Representative, Drug Safety Associate, Sales Executive3.2-4 LPA
Sun PharmaPharmaceuticalsProduction Manager, Validation Specialist, Formulation Scientist3.5-5 LPA
Max HospitalHealthcareHospital Pharmacist, Medical Pharmacist, Drug Information Specialist2.7-4 LPA
Torrent PharmaPharmaceuticalsQuality Assurance Officer, Regulatory Affairs Executive, Analytical Chemist3.7-4.5 LPA

Career Opportunities available in Pharmacy in India

In India, the sector of pharmacy offers various and appropriate career possibilities. Here are the following career opportunities for pharmacists 

  • Drug Inspector: It presents drug safety and keeping with guidelines. Drug inspectors play an important role. Their Average salary ranges between INR 4-6 lakhs per annum.
  • Production Executive: Here, dealing with pharmaceutical manufacturing procedures, production executives contribute to the enterprise’s growth. The Average salary of production executives ranges between INR 3-5 lakhs per annum.
  • Medical Research Associate (CRA): CRAs oversee medical trials and experiments. Their Average salary lies between INR 3.5-5.5 lakhs per annum.
  • Pharmacist: Pharmacists play an important role in retail settings because they Dispensing medicines and give healthcare advice to people. Their Average annual salary ranges between INR 2-4 lakhs.
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager: Providing commentary with guidelines, these experts navigate complicated regulatory landscapes. Their average salary is INR 5-8 lakhs per annum.
  • Quality Control Executive: The quality control executives are specialists whose pharmaceuticals meet strict requirements. Their Average salary ranges between INR 3.5-6 lakhs per annum.
  • Medical Writer: The medical writer is responsible for preparing the files for regulatory submissions or instructional substances, medical writers earn around INR 4-6 lakhs per annum.

These figures may range primarily based on factors such as experience, city, and company, making the pharmaceutical industry an appealing and dynamic area for career growth in India.


The pharmacy career in India holds large importance, offering extended opportunities for those integrated with healthcare. Pharmacist salary play a key role in ensuring public health through prescribing medications, offering suggestions, and contributing to well-being. This is the reason why pharmacist salary are in great demand and get handsome salaries.

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