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EPFO SSA And Stenographer Salary in 2024: Job Profile, Benefits And Allowance

EPFO SSA Salary in 2024, with the perks and benefits, attracts authorities and process seekers to apply for this role. According to the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization, candidates posted on EPFO job role get handsome EPFO SSA Salary. According to the EPFO Salary 2024, the basic pay of SSA is Rs 29,200  & the simple pay for Stenographer is Rs 25500. As the EPFO SSA Notification has been published for SSA and stenographer vacancies, the applicants interested in the posts must be searching out EPFO SSA Salary 2023 & pay scale. For this, you should read this complete article.

EPFO In Hand Salary for SSA And Stenographer

The EPFO Salary 2024 for Social Security Assistant and Stenographer is decided according to the 7th Pay Commission. The basic pay for SSA is Rs 29,200, according to the EPFO Salary. Candidates can get a salary together with a number of allowances, including Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, and Transport Allowance. Let’s dive into the post-wise salary details of EPFO jobs.

PostSocial Security AssistantStenographer
Pay Level54
Grade PayRs 2800Rs 2400
Pay MatrixRs 29,200 to Rs 92,300Rs 25,500 to Rs 81,100
Basic PayRs 29,200Rs. 25,500

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In-Hand Salary Structure of EPFO SSA in 2024

Like every authority sets the salary of workers, the SSA post could have variable and fixed salaries. There might be tax and other deductions from the total salary. The salary for the candidates recruited as EPFO SSA has an attractive package. Their salary is according to Pay Matrix Level 5. Candidates can check the complete EPFO SSA salary structure in a given table:

ParticularEPFO SSA Salary Details
Pay Band5200-20200
Grade Pay2800
Pay in Band29,200
Basic Pay29,200
Total Deductions4070
Total Payment47,408
Net Salary43,338

EPFO SSA Salary Pay Scale 2024

Candidates applying for the post of SSA should know the pay scale set by EPFO. They should know about monthly salary and benefits, as they might be set for the recruited applicants. The EPFO SSA pay is part of the 7th Pay Commission. SSA is at the 5th degree of the pay scale under the commission’s recommendations for compensation. Candidates can check the designated EPFO SSA salary payscale in the table below.

PostEPFO SSA Salary Pay Scale
Social Security AssistantLevel-5 (Rs. 29.200 to Rs. 92, 300 in Pay Matrix)

EPFO SSA Salary Slip in 2024

The salary slip is an important document for the SSA (Social Security Assistant), in which the candidate can see all of the deductions and other details related to salary. After the end of every payment cycle, the EPFO SSA will receive the salary slip.

EPFO SSA Promotion Structure

The candidates recruited at EPFO Jobs can get handsome salaries. There is a good opportunity for the EPFO SSA post. The candidates will have extremely good promotional possibilities in terms of seniority and sincerity. However, you must put in extraordinary effort and time to boost your career. Here is the Promotion Structure.

  • Candidates employed in EPFO are eligible for promotions and salary increments in the departments. Candidates can check the step-by-step guide of promotions given below.
  • Candidates will be first appointed as Section Officers in EPFO.
  • After performance and duration-based promotion, an employee may be promoted to Assistant PF Commissioner.
  • Then, after a time and performance analysis, an Assistant PF Commissioner will be promoted to Regional PF Commissioner -II.
  • After this, a Regional PF Commissioner officer can attempt to get promoted to Regional PF Commissioner – I.
  • Candidates should notice that workers have years of experience and consistency to become PF commissioners.

EPFO Stenographer Salary Structure

EPFO steno Salary structure is set according to 7th Pay commission. The simple pay for Stenographer is Rs 25500. Candidates can find the details of the EPFO Stenographer Salary structure.

Pay ScaleRs 5200 to Rs 20,200
Grade PayRs 2400
Basic PayRs 25,500
Gross SalaryRs 29,455
HRA24% / 16% / 8%
DA17% of Basic Pay
EPF Contribution12% of Basic Pay + DA
DeductionsSalary Tax, Professional Tax, and Others

EPFO Social Security Assistant Job Profile

The EPFO SSA job profile requires people with an interest in elements, top-notch information management competencies, and the ability to work efficiently with laptop systems. The job profile for EPFO SSA Recruitment consists of the following.

  • Data Entry: A main part of this role includes correct and efficient data entry on computer systems. Proficiency in typing abilities is crucial, with a minimum requirement of accomplishing a speed of at least 5000 key depressions per hour for data access works.
  • Data Management: The SSA is chargeable for coping with and organizing information and statistics. This involves maintaining documents, ensuring information integrity, and updating records as required.
  • Computer Skills: Possessing computer certificates from a recognized institute is acceptable for the function. Competence in using computer programs and software programs is critical for wearing out data entry and related obligations effectively.
  • Regional Office Assignments: SSAs are normally posted in nearby workplaces of EPFO, in particular positioned in towns. As an SSA, you could assume your work place to be in these nearby workplaces.

EPFO SSA Salary Perks & Benefits

An authority job has several perks and benefits that assist the employed individual experience a secure life. The EPFO SSA employee can get perks and benefits as established by the company. Candidates unaware of those EPFO SSA salary perks and benefits can check the benefits below.

  • Provident Fund: Candidates who are recruits will get the Provident Fund, which is decided by the company. The organization and the worker make up the amount transferred to the PF account.
  • Insurance: Certain pay scales of government organizations are eligible to get medical insurance and benefits alongside cashless treatment in associated hospitals.
  •  Leaves: Every EPFO employee gets several private, casual and earned leaves, along with sick leaves. All public vacations could be a departure for the employees.
  • Retirement Benefits: Employees are entitled to get a pension at the time of retirement with the intention to comply with all authority’s standards.
  •  Group Insurance: Employees are also entitled to unintentional loss of life and incapacity insurance according to government regulations and rules.
  • Allowances: Employees will even get travel and other allowances if achieved for work purposes.
  •  Incentives: Candidates are also eligible to get performance-based incentives and bonuses credited to their monthly salaries as per regulations and rules and the overall performance of the applicants in different departments.
  • Growth: Employees can even get a chance to explore senior roles and promotions in departments based totally on their performance and duration.

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Allowances For EPFO SSA Salary 2024

In addition to the basic EPFO SSA Salary pay, the personnel are eligible for several allowances that enhance their average salary package. The allowances given to EPFO SSAs in 2024 are given below.

  • House Rent Allowance: On the basis of the location of the employee’s place of job, House Rent Allowance (HRA) is given to help them with house rent fees.
  • Leave Travel Concession: EPFO SSAs might also avail of Leave Travel Concession (LTC), which permits them to tour with their own family and declare reimbursement for the fees incurred.
  • Transport Allowance: Transport Allowance is given to fulfill the commuting expenses of EPFO SSAs, helping them with transportation costs related to their work.
  • Dearness Allowance: Dearness Allowance (DA) is given to EPFO SSAs to offset the impact of inflation on their salary. It is revised periodically according to authorities’ suggestions.
  • Medical Allowance: EPFO SSAs obtain a medical allowance to cover medical fees for themselves and their dependents.
  • Internet Allowance: To facilitate work-associated duties, an internet allowance is provided to assist cover the charges of net connectivity.
  • Refreshment Allowance: EPFO SSAs might also acquire a refreshment allowance, which caters to fees incurred throughout obligations, which includes meetings or fieldwork.
  • Other Allowances: EPFO SSAs are also entitled to diverse other allowances according to the guidelines and rules of the government.

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EPFO SSA Salary in 2024 Career Growth

EPFO SSA and Stenographers offer high-quality chances for career growth. Based on the performance and contribution to the bank, there are numerous probabilities for growth. When a person works as SSA and Stenographer, they improve their skills and ensure career growth.

  • Regional PF Commissioner
  • Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner (APFC)
  • Enforcement Officer/Accounts Officer (EO/AO)
  • Section Supervisor
  • Senior Social Security Assistant (Senior SSA)
  • Social Security Assistant (SSA)


From the above guide, we know that the EPFO salary, according to 7 CPC, is Rs 29 200 to Rs 92 300. Along with salary, candidates can also get perks, benefits, and allowances. If you also want to apply for this post, you should understand all the details first, including salary, job profile, career growth, allowances, benefits, etc.

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