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Income tax Allowances and Deductions Allowed in Salary Slip 2024

Income tax is a tax that is levied on any person’s or company’s salary at some point in a financial year. It is immediately paid to the authorities, like all the other direct taxes. Provisions in the Income Tax Act 1961 also offer various Exemptions and Deductions under specific sections.

Deductions may be claimed against Investments, Allowances, etc, which could reduce the taxable amount of a person. Here we tell you about allowances and deductions.

Exemption of Income tax Allowances

Exemption of Income tax Allowances

Income tax allowances are precise deductions that may reduce your taxable salary slip. The following are some of the most typically available income tax allowances in India.

House Rent Allowance

For salaried taxpayers, HRA is the primary salary with tax savings, the HRA received from the enterprise qualifies for exemption so long as the employee lives in a rented house and will pay rent to the proprietor. The HRA exemption can also be claimed by submitting evidence of rent paid to the business enterprise or at the time of submitting income tax returns under Sec 10(13A). The HRA amount exemption is less than.

  • HRA acquired from an agency
  • Actual rent paid much less than 10% of the basic monthly salary
  • 50% of the basic salary if the taxpayer is living in a metro town
  • 40% of the basic salary if the taxpayer is living in a non-metro town

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Leave Travel Allowance (LTA)

Under the LTA, salaried taxpayers can declare costs incurred closer to home vacations which include the expense of travel tickets for themselves and their own family. The exemption doesn’t encompass expenses incurred for the whole trip, including buying, food fees, enjoyment, and entertainment, amongst others. This exemption may be claimed under Section 10(5) and is available most effectively for 2 travel in a block of four years.

The current block size started in January 2018 and results in December 2021. There is a provision to carry over one travel in case you didn’t claim it in a preceding block. So, in case you neglected to claim two tax exemptions over the past block of 2014-17, then you could carry over one experience to the new block that started in 2018. In this way, you may get most of 3 tax exemptions on LTA in a block of 4 years. However, as per Income tax regulations, delivery forward is authorized best whilst you make a declaration in the first year of the block.

Standard Deduction

For FY 2023-24, the limitation of the same old deduction is Rs. 50,000 for each of the old and the new regimes. As per Budget 2023, salaried taxpayers are actually eligible for a basic deduction of Rs.50,000 under the new tax regime also from the financial year 2023-24.

Medical Reimbursements

Employers often reimburse employees for medical charges incurred for themselves and their family individuals. Under Section 17(2) of the Income Tax Act, medical reimbursements of as much as ₹15,000 per annum are exempt from Tax.

Books, Periodicals

Employees frequently spend money on magazines, journals, books, newspapers, magazines, journals, and associated objects. As per income tax guidelines, employees have the possibility to receive reimbursement for these costs, that’s free from taxation.

Relocation Allowance

A Relocation allowance is given to undergo the relocation fees of the employees shifting from one place to another. Allowances may be claimed on various charges incurred together with travel fees, packaging costs, transportation of personal items, etc.

Children Education Allowance

Children’s Education Allowance is an allowance obtained by employees for the education of their children. The exemption limit for this allowance is INR 100 per month according to children, as much as most children.

 Salary from Gratuity

Gratuity benefits can be claimed by employees at the time of retirement or once they surrender after having worked for as a minimum 5 continuous years for the same agency. It is an economic praise from the employer or gratitude that they receive from the enterprise for rendering their service to the organization for a continuous period. Gratuity is calculated based on two elements – the employee’s last drawn salary and the number of years they’ve worked in the agency.

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 Allowable Deductions

 Allowable Deductions

Income tax deductions are prices or investments that may be claimed as deductions from your basic salary. The following are some of the most basic available income tax deductions in India.

Section 80C

Section 80C is one of the most commonly used tax-saving options for people. Under this section, you may claim a deduction of as much as INR 1.5 lakh through making an investment in various units which includes Public Provident Fund (PPF), Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS), National Pension Scheme (NPS), and many others.

Section 80D

This section gives income tax deductions for medical fees and medical insurance premiums. The most deduction that can be claimed under this by individuals under 60 years is up to INR 25,000, while senior residents can declare as much as INR 50,000.

Section 80C and Sector 24

Another key of this method is that it saves you from paying interest on a home loan. Homeowners have the option to claim as much as Rs.2 lakh as a deduction for interest on home loans for self-occupied property. If the residence property is let free, you may claim a deduction for the complete interest referring to this type of home loan. The loss from house assets that can be activated against other sources of salary has been limited to Rs.2 lakh.

In addition to the above, one can also claim the main issue of the housing loan reimbursement as a deduction under section 80C as much as a limit of Rs 1.5 lakh.

Section 80E

This section gives an income tax deduction for the interest you have paid on a loan taken for pursuing better training. The deduction is available for 8 years or till the interest is paid off, whichever is in advance.

Section 80G

This section gives income tax deductions for donations made to particular and prescribed charitable establishments and comfort budgets. The deduction varies based on the recipient company, so one needs to get a 50-100% tax credit score for the donated amount, without or with regulations.

Section 80TTA

This deduction may be claimed for interest earned on a financial savings bank account up to most of ₹10,000 in a financial year.

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Tax Treatment on Notice Pay and Joining Bonus

Tax Treatment on Notice Pay and Joining Bonus

If an employee who has taken up a process under a bond or a settlement, leaves earlier than the stipulated duration; it can result in healing of notice pay from the employee or restoration of becoming a member of bonus. In a lot of instances, typically, these amounts are reimbursed by the new corporation. Let’s recognize the tax implications of these transactions.

Notice Pay

Ruhaan was hired by Super Ltd and needed to deliver an observation 3 months earlier than quitting his process. Ruhaan determined a totally interesting opportunity with Wonderful Ltd and decided to depart from Super Ltd without notice. Super Ltd made the restoration of notice pay from the total & very last settlement. Ruhaan wishes a TDS refund of the notice pay, given that he did not get hold of this salary.

If Incredible Ltd adjusts the total salary paid by the notice pay obtained and does not encompass this amount in Form 16 it problem for Ruhaan, he can take the TDS refund in his return. However, where the adjustment isn’t made by Super Ltd in the basic salary, the TDS deducted can be a loss for Ruhaan.

Joining Bonus

Aditya was running with AB Ltd and had signed a settlement now not to leave his task before the end of 6 months, and he was paid a Rs 50,000 joining bonus contingent on this. But Aditya quit AB Ltd and joined XY Ltd in four months. Aditya needed to now pay back the becoming a member bonus of Rs 50,000. Aditya asked his new organization, XY Ltd to reimburse him for becoming a member of the bonus.

Aditya needs to carefully have a look at the Form 16 from each of the employers, XY ltd will include becoming a member of bonus in its Form 16.


The Income Tax Act gives positive allowances and deductions available to salaried people. As a result, taxable salary and tax liabilities are decreased. However, it is extraordinarily essential to understand the individual and extent of those allowances and deductions to avail of them efficiently. They expect that the assesses need to incur positive costs while paying their salary. Deductions, then again, are available only if the assesses incur the applicable expenditure. The amount of tax legal responsibility can be notably reduced by availing of the various allowances and deductions available under the Income Tax Act. 


What are the tax deductions for salary slips?

This deduction that the corporation makes is what’s termed as Tax Deducted at Source or TDS. The percentage of TDS that desires to be deducted is determined by the salary of an employee and the income tax slab fee they come under and may range from 10% to 30%.

What are the allowances allowed in salary?

Basic salary, House rent allowance (HRA) Leave travel allowance (LTA) reimbursement.

What is the taxable allowance in salary slips?

Taxable allowances talk over part of an employee’s salary that is taxable as per the Income Tax Act. An allowance implies a predetermined amount of cash a salaried employee gets from his organization to satisfy unique varieties of outlays out and beyond salary.

Is income tax paid allowed as a deduction in income tax?

Any tax, responsibility, or price paid under any regulation in force is authorized as a deduction while it is paid- this consists of GST, customs duty, or every other Tax paid.

What is a special allowance in salary slips?

Special allowance is given to the employees to compensate for their prices incurred even as performing their responsibilities or job. It is a set price that varies from one agency to every other whose information is stated actually on the employee’s salary slip and provided letter.

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