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What is a Salary Slip or Payslip?

A salary slip is an important financial record that employees get from this company. It acts as the employment of proof. It will show all of the components of your Salary together with basic salary, obligatory and temporary allowances, deductions, tax paid, etc.

It is a legal requirement to issue salary slips to employees of a company. Companies need to issue salary slips to their employees. A salary slip is proof of income that workers get from the company. The details of a pay slip let you invest in tax-saving investments like transparent price range, PPF, NPS, insurance, etc. 

What is a Salary Slip?

A salary slip or a payslip is a legal record that establishes a worker’s employment proof. The salary slip carries the details of various components of a worker’s Salary. It is issued by the organization every month. Salary slips help people to make tax-saving investments.

Components of Salary Slip

Your salary slip usually splits your pay into 3 principal components, as follows as:-  


  • Basic Salary: Your fixed part of the month-to-month Salary.
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA): Allowance for housing rent can be partially taxable.
  • Conveyance Allowance: Covers travel costs related to work.
  • Medical Allowance: Medical allowance is a fixed amount to assist cover employees’ medical expenses and become independent from any compensation claims they could get.
  • Other Allowances: These may encompass special allowances or bonuses.


  • Professional Tax: State-levied tax on Salary.
  • Employee Provident Fund (EPF): Mandatory contribution toward your retirement fund.
  • Tax Deducted at Source (TDS): Income tax withheld via the agency.

Net Pay

  •  The final amount is deposited into your bank account after deductions.

What is the Format of a Salary Slip?

Employers in India follow a well-known salary slip format. However, every salary slip will mandatorily comprise data. Depending on the kind of company and compliance, the salary slip may include the following data.

  • Salary Month and year
  • Employer’s Name, Address, UIN/CIN, TAN and PAN
  • Employee Name, Code, Designation and Department
  • Employee PAN and Bank Account Number
  • EPF Account Number and UAN (Universal Account Number)
  • Number of working days and number of leaves
  • Classification of Salary (Salary) and Deductions
  • Net Pay in Numbers and Words
  • Leave Balance

What is a Payroll number?

The payroll number noted in a pay slip is the unique identification number given to an employee by their company. It facilitates the ID of the individual for the duration of the procedure of giving a Salary. The payroll number can be determined on the salary pay slip. It is typically used for administration functions.

Importance of Salary Slip

Salary slips are very vital and serve as proof of your employment. It is suggested that employees keep their salary slips because it helps in further negotiation during the new process. It also allows the avail of loans, subsidies, making plans, salary tax, and more. Hence, it’s important to have an in-depth knowledge of every issue of your monthly pay slip. Let’s first know the importance of salary slips.

  • Serves as proof of employment: A salary slip is a legal record that shows your employment proof. It is required in many cases, like applying for visas, new jobs, pursuing executive university programs, and many others., as proof of your designation and last Salary. It is likewise used to check your history as it is a legally valid report.
  • Support in planning income tax: Employee salary slip has a month-to-month salary report and includes components like basic pay, HRA, medical, TA, DA, etc. All the components of salary slips play an important role in Income Tax. Hence, you need to know those components well to file for tax.
  • Helps in getting loans: When planning to avail of a loan, your financier would possibly ask for your worker pay slip for the last months to decide in case you meet their requirement to offer a loan. This is also required whilst applying for credit cards, etc.
  • For new employment possibilities: A salary slip is required even when searching for a new job, as you have to put up your salary slips to barter your income at the new business company.
  • Salary slips offer access to welfare schemes: When it involves authorities-subsidized welfare schemes and subsidies, you could show your salary pay slip as proof of your income to avail of such schemes.

Difference between Cost to Company (CTC) and Gross Salary

Cost to company or CTC refers to the money spent by the company for the benefits immediately and only to be had by you. For example, CTC may also encompass the following amounts 

  • Premium paid for the organization’s health and life coverage insurance to be had to you and your family’s individuals
  • Premium paid for retaining amount and depart encashment insurance plans
  • Employer’s contribution to your EPF or NPS retirement account

The payments and expenses are part of CTC. However, those amounts are never payable to you directly. Gross salary is the total amount paid to employees in salary form. This method includes all the cash allowances, your self-contribution to EPF or NPS, leave Salary, and so on. 

In-hand Salary is the amount of money you ultimately receive after all of the deductions. In-hand Salary is what shows in your bank account statements. In-hand Salary is likewise known as net Salary on the salary slip.

Example of salary structure

Salary Slip Structure

The following table shows the estimates of gross Salary, the Salary to the organization, and net Salary or in-hand Salary. Remember, the advance tax is estimated on a gross salary after keeping in mind deductions. Employer’s contribution on your EPF/NPS retirement money owed is exempt from tax under section 80CCD(2).

Salary DeductionsComponentsCTC Calculation
Basic4,000EPF/NPS Contribution12,000
DA10,000Professional Tax
HRA20,000Health Insurance Cover210
Conveyance1,800Advance Tax5,500
Special Allowance60,000Unpaid Leaves
Employer’s Cont. To EPF/NPS2,000Deductions Total17,764
Total In (Gross Salary)1,48,800Net Salary (Payable)1,30,410
Cost To Company (CTC)17,85,600 PA.

Various components of the salary slip are taxed in different ways. This means the tax on allowances is different from the tax on basic Salary. You can hold three specific kinds of allowances based on their tax. 

  • Fully-taxable allowances
  • Partially taxable allowances
  • Fully exempt allowances

Any allowance that doesn’t fall in the partly or fully exempt tax category is completely taxable. You can add the completely taxable allowances, like private allowance, variable allowance, and miscellaneous in the example salary slip, to the taxable Salary in full.

You will want to calculate the exempt amount of the in part exempt allowance like – House Rent Allowances (HRA), conveyance allowances, and unique allowances. Conveyance allowance is exempt as much as Rs. 1600 per month, while special allowance depends on the real cash spent on the overall performance of your obligation.

The business company may additionally offer a special allowance for positive charges you can incur within the course of your duties. Thus, the allowance is exempt from the volume of your expenditure.

Where Can I Find My payslip?

Finding your payslip depends on your company’s method. Usually, it may be:

  • Printed: Handed out physically or left in a designated location.
  • Online: Accessed through a company website or HR device.

However, the latest platforms online provide revolutionary techniques like WhatsApp integration which allows employees to receive their payslips without delay and save them on their phones. It reduces the need for physical copies and enhances accessibility. This convenient option simplifies the technique and ensures personnel have instant access to their pay slips. 


A salary slip is an important document to be aware of the Salary you are receiving and the savings you’re making. To improve your savings, you have to invest in exceptional plans and products earlier than spending your Salary. You can use your pay slip to estimate a way to improve exemptions according to your Salary. Hence, knowledge and knowing your payslip is important for employees.  


What is a Salary Slip?

A salary slip or a payslip is a legal record that establishes a worker’s employment proof. The salary slip carries the details of various components of a worker’s Salary.

What is the Payroll number on the Salary Slip?

The payroll number noted in a pay slip is the unique identification number given to an employee by their company. It facilitates the ID of the individual for the duration of the procedure of giving a Salary.

Who can issue salary slips?

A salary slip or pay slip is a document containing a detailed list of the various components of your salary along with specific details of employment.

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