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Physician Assistant Salary: Per Month, Designation Wise

The business has many connotations with different salaries and pay rates. Positions of jobs like Education, Doctors, training, and many others pay higher salaries. The salary depends on the experience, knowledge, and reputation of the organization, and clients they deal with. Each small and big business follows the government guidelines to govern its processes. This article focuses on Physician Assistant Salary along with their experience. 

About Physician Assistant

To become a Physician Assistant, candidates must clear the paramedical courses such as BSc Physician Assistant, BSc Nursing, or a degree in Biology, Biochemistry, or Microbiology.  Admission to these courses is based on the candidate’s merit basis or entrance exam. When it comes to Physician Assistants are health care workers with the help of doctors providing medical care to the patients. Physician Assistant Salary varies with their work and experience.

Their main work depends on the doctors assisting and they are paid a salary based on their skills, experience, and knowledge. The average salary can range from 3.40 -6 LPA. In the next section, we will explore more about their salary across different parameters.

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Different Types of Physician Assistant

There are various types of Physician Assistants available for medical care help. They work with Doctors or healthcare specialists in different hospitals and clinics. See the below to find out some kinds of Physician and their work:

  1. Children Physician Assistants:  They work in the clinic of children’s wards. It is the most important job to take care of small kids in hospitals. They may take care of their, history of illness, along with providing medicine.
  2. Radiology Assistants: Radiology assistants work to take X-rays and scan the body of the patients to see the illness. These specialist requirements are a lot in different imaging offices and hospitals.
  3. Bone and joint Assistant: Joint assistants assist Orthopedic surgeon which examines patients, diagnose issues, and provide them with drugs to overcome bone problems. 
  4. Drug safety Assistants: Their main work is to check the medicine before they go to patients. Make sure, these medicines are safe and do not have any bad impacts on their body.
  5. Family Doctor Assistant: They examine all kinds of health treatments and they may visit home on your one call. 

Physician Assistant Salary Based on Different Parameters 

As we discussed above the Physician Assistant’s Salary ranges in India from INR 3lpa to 6lpa. The new assistant paid around INR 2lpa and the basis of their merits. In different states, their salary varies with different parameters. Such are including:

  1. Training and Experience
  2. Degrees
  3. Job profile and duties
  4. Skills and knowledge
  5. Year of work calculation
  6. Overview of work

In the below section, we will discuss these parameters with the appropriate table:

Physician Assistant Salary: Experience Wise

In the term, the Physician Assistant plays the main role in the healthcare department to provide medical care as per the doctor’s instruction. When it comes to their salary, it is based on their experience. If they have a great experience before, the better salary opportunity for the concerned professional. 

In the below table, we mention the salary along with their experience:

Years of experienceAverage Anual Salary (INR)
0-5 Years3.33 L
6-10 Years5.10 L
11-15 Years7 L
16-20 Years9 L
20 years above13.10 L

Physician Assistant Salary: Skill-Wise

To get a Physician Assistant job with a good range of salary, candidates must ensure that they have skills and knowledge about the theoretical subject. These would help to expertise their growth in the relevant field. The Tabulated below helps you assist with the salary of a Physician.

SkillsAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Critical Care6.20 L
BAMS4.50 L
Nursing6.20 L
ICU7.10 L
Surgical8 L

Physician Assistant Salary: Designation Wise

The most essential thing in Physician Assistant’s salary ensures is the designation that they work for. Lower designation gets less salary as compared with senior and experienced professionals. Look below to check the designation-wise salary.

DesignationsAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Consultant Physician8.40 L
General Physician7.20 L
Drug Safety Physician11.70 L
Emergency Physician12 L
MD Physician8.60 L
Homeopathic Physician3 L

Physician Assistant Salary: City-Wise

Throughout the country, it is one of the most searched jobs all over. In hospitals or clinics, there are multiple openings for Physician Assistants. But the facts, in metro cities they get the highest paid salary jobs as compared with other professions in the country. For your reference, we mention Physician Assistant salary city-wise:

City NameAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Delhi6 L
Kolkata3.20 L
Mumbai 8 L
Pune4.33 L
Hyderabad3.5 L
Bengaluru6.11 L

Physician Assistant Salary: Hospital Wise

Physician Assistant jobs are placed in both government and private sectors. In both sectors employee, there is a huge difference in their salary. To get a reference, check the below table:

Hospitals NameAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Apollo Hospitals3.40 L
Narayana Health3.70 L
Yashoda Hospitals4.20 L
Seven Hills Hospitals4.10 L
Manipal Hospitals4.90 L
Madras Medical Mission3.1L
Continental Hospitals3.5L

Courses Required for Physician Assistant

To become a Physician specialist, some paramedical courses are a must to clear. Candidates, who are highly interested in this designation have completed the relevant course to get the jobs in same field. Some paramedical courses along with the duration are mentioned below:

Overview of the courses

Course NameDurationAdmission Process
BSc Physician Assistant3 yearsBased on 12th grade marks or entrance exam, and the college.
Physician Assistant Certificate3 yearsVaries by college – first come first serve, 12th grade marks, entrance exam. Some have online enrolment.

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Wrapping up:

Physician assistants play a very important role in hospitals or clinics. It provides health take for each patient. The purpose of this article is to brief you about the Physician Assistant role along with their average salary in India. We conclude that the salary may vary with their experience and knowledge. If they have more experience, the companies pay higher salaries than the other professions.

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Q. How to become a Physician Assistant?

If you are a 12th-pass student in subjects, Biology, Mathematics, and Chemistry, you are eligible to become a Physician Assistant. You must enroll in BSc Physician Assistant course.

Q. What is the highest salary does PA gets?

A physician with good experience can earn up to 97,312 salary and for new joiners, the salary would be INR 20,000.

Q. Is it possible to become a Physician Assistant with any course?

No, a BSC course is essential to get a job in a hospital as a Physician Assistant.

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