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Top 10 Highest Paying Cyber Security Jobs and Their Salaries 2024

Cyber security is advertised as no amount of unemployment. It is now one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand industries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US, cyber security apps are expected to grow 35% by the next decade. This makes it one of the most exciting careers today, and more and more people are looking for opportunities in cyber security. However, outsiders may find this intimidating because it is a great discipline. In this post, we will outline what cyber security is and the possible roles it can play.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security represents the skill and talent of protecting sensitive information from being hacked and taken by cyber criminals. Incorporate rules that prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information and are from various sources. In addition, the solutions developed must be successful and effective. It provides training in data security, data handling standards, and processing technologies that integrate such systems.

Cyber specialists are qualified people who assess and reinforce the cyber security status of an organization. A cyber security employee can identify weaknesses in the system and recommend corrective measures. They train and educate people to maintain proper data security policies and to notice phishing scams or other unusual behavior. A security protocol review aims to identify the existing vulnerabilities in the systems and correct them so they work correctly.

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Why Choose a Cyber Security Career?

Cybersecurity is limited to some of us because it requires high accountability. However, for others, the stress that comes with this job can be overwhelming but also very satisfying. There are three main reasons to work in cyber security: 

  • Well paid: A computer security career is often well spent, with a starting salary of $50,000, which goes up in the six-figure bracket as expertise increases. The compensation may also be as diverse as position, organization, department, and level of capability. Also, highly specialized skills and facilities provide a way to increase the income of the cybersecurity market. Cybersecurity positions could be well-paid, particularly as market demand for qualified experts rises.
  • High demand for products: While the world is becoming more connected with the capability of the Internet, the need for cyber security workers will steadily rise. Businesses, organizations, and governments even compete to entice the best in the world. This level of demand balancing supply amounts to the high salary of the job. If your career goal is cyber security, just about any company would be very interested in you. Additionally, your earning capacity is over and above most other occupations today. Job security and competitive pay are some of the significant benefits of a career in cyber security.
  • A real tangible impact: The last thing that makes cybersecurity interesting is that it is a rare activity that makes the world better. As a cyber security expert, you should be the one who is in charge of guarding people’s data and possibly even their lives. The hacker can regulate web browsers, computers, and various medical devices connected to the internet, including cameras and pacemakers.

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Top 10 Highest Paying Cyber security Jobs and Their Salaries

Here are the 10 highest-paying cyber security jobs and salaries:

  1. Penetration tester

These experts, sometimes called ethical hackers, are adept at spotting and exploiting system flaws. This penetration ensures that security systems have sufficient resilience to prevent unauthorized access. Real-world hackers use some types of intrusion attacks to gain access. Their income is approximately $97,658 yearly.

  1. Malware analyst

As the name suggests, malware experts specialize in analyzing malware. Malware is software that performs malicious activities on devices, networks, or any type of server. Malware analysts are experts at understanding the problem and neutralizing it without causing issues. Their average annual salary is $87,000. 

  1. Cyber ​​Security Manager

Cyber security administrators are responsible for developing and maintaining an organization’s cyber security policies and protocols. They are the information security managers overseeing the entire information security team. They aim to help develop robust security policies, identify threats, and promote security enhancement policies. They earn an average annual salary of $81,442.

  1. Information Security Analyst

These experts act as information safeguards. Networks are monitored for signs of security breaches or cyber attacks. They are also one of the first responders to any observed violations. Features such as firewalls and drive encryption are constantly verified to ensure they work correctly. Their annual average income is $89,926.

  1. Chief Information Security Officer

The Senior Information Security Manager is a similar cyber security position but much larger than a cyber security manager. They are developed and implemented by executive security systems for large organizations. They have a median salary of $256,040 annually, among the highest paying cyber security jobs.

  1. Network Security Engineer

A Network Security Engineer works on making computer networks safe. They know all about keeping data out of harm’s way with unique codes. They spend their days finding weak spots to block hackers from getting in. Their yearly middle salary of $175,065 makes it one of the highest-paid careers in cyber security.

  1. Cloud Security Engineer

A Cloud Security Engineer is a skilled expert who designs and puts into action plans to protect cloud-based systems and the information they hold. They are adept at finding potential security gaps and crafting strategies to reduce risks. These engineers work with other team members to ensure data stored in the cloud is safe. Their average income depends on where they live, and how experienced they are. The average salary of a Network Security Engineer depends on experience, location, and field of work. Meanwhile, the mean wage is $125,000 yearly.

  1. Security Sales Engineer

In an industry that’s quickly advancing, such as cybersecurity, new products need to be introduced to businesses that could benefit from them. Security Sales Engineers are specialists in this area of the industry. They act as security advisors, proposing fitting solutions to their customers. Their median salary can widely differ according to the factors of place, competency, and company of the degree. The report states the median salary is $121,823 as an annual income.

  1. Bug Bounty Specialist

“Bug Bounty Specialist” sounds fantastic, and it means a job where you find hidden tech issues that even the company’s security crew might have missed. Big tech companies pay these specialists when they report these flaws back to them. The average yearly income is $157,509; hence, it is one of the top-paying cyber security roles. However, operational positions such as sales fixes have a commission that converts to their bi-variant pay grade.

  1. Information Security Analyst

An Information Security Analyst protects a business’s information and computer systems from cyber attacks. Their job is to keep cyber threats at bay. Every day, they work on developing and monitoring security practices to ensure private information stays safe. They need a deep knowledge of how computer networks, firewalls, ways to scramble data, and security rules work. They also have to be good at spotting any potential dangers or weak spots so they can come up with good plans to stop them. Furthermore, they must recognize potential risks and weaknesses to enable effective, preclusive security procedures. Their average annual salary is currently $89,933.

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Skills Required to Get a High-Paying Cyber Security Job

  • Risk Analysis: The responsibilities of cyber security specialists include discovering, controlling, and significantly lessening risk. Risk management and mitigation become extant skills that will be heavily sought after in the following times.
  • Information Security: All businesses must get competent experts to counter unauthorized electronic data access.
  • Security Incident Handling & Response: As a cyber security professional, you must prepare to deal with any real threat that might be related to someone violating an organization’s security policy. In security incident management, you shall identify, manage, record, and analyze security threats in real time. The management of SIEM tools is another task of a security practitioner who should also be able to handle the security information and event management services.
  • Security Audit: It is an internal control implemented to verify the presence of faults in the organization’s information system. Security audit and compliance knowledge is critical because any one area of regulatory compliance overlooked might lead to massive penalties for the organization.
  • Laws and Regulations: The slightest mention of this cyber security category is demonstrated mainly by Cyber security, which has many rules and regulations, and you need to get familiar with them. These laws set out the acceptable ways of using the internet, and they should ensure that people do not become victims of cybercrimes.


Almost all industries need people who know their way around cyber security. The problem is that there needs to be more pros out there. Many cyber jobs stay empty because we need more folks with the proper schooling, skills, or experience. If you’re considering jumping into this field to climb higher in your current cyber gig, go for it. Throw your hat in the ring and go after these well-paid jobs.

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